Online Store Terms & Conditions

Things you need to know.

What’s the 2degrees online shop?

The 2degrees Online Shop is your place to get a 2degrees SIM card, sign up to a Plan and purchase the latest top-brand mobile devices. It’s really easy to use the shop. Just create a login (if you haven’t already) and browse through, pop anything you like in your cart and check out. And, for a limited time we’ll even look after all the delivery costs for you.

Important things to know

Before you use our Online Shop, there are some legal things you should know. Mostly it’s to make sure that you get exactly what you expect when you shop with us online. So it’s important to read through these terms so you know where you stand.

When you shop online with us, we’ll assume you’ve read and agree with these things along with any other terms and conditions that we show you while you shop. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to call us on 0800 022 022 day or night.

Who’s who?

As you read through, we’ll often use the word “you”. This refers to anyone who uses the 2degrees Online Shop. Similarly when we say “we”, “our”, “us” or “2degrees” we’re talking about Two Degrees Mobile Limited and any related company that provides you with 2degrees’ goods or services.

Buying things

You need to be at least 18 years old to use the Online Shop. Also, it’s important that you give us all the information we need otherwise we may not be able to complete your order.

When you place an order, you’re making an offer to buy something from the Online Shop according to these terms and conditions. From there, we’ll most likely accept your order by processing your payment and sending you the things you bought. But we may, for any reason, decline your order or a part of it. If that happens we’ll always let you know using the email address you’ve given us, or by phone. We don’t consider any order to be accepted until we’ve processed your payment and sent out the things you bought.

When signing up to a Plan, you will need to complete an external credit check using your driver’s licence.  If you don’t have a driver’s licence, you will need to sign-up to a Plan in-store.  When you place an order for a Plan, you’re also agreeing to our Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions and any other specific terms and conditions applicable to a Plan or Account made available by 2degrees as published at

Keeping things accurate

We always aim to make sure everything you read in the Online Shop is both up to date and accurate. But you need to know that occasionally information in the Online Shop might have errors or omissions. While we do our best to avoid that, we can’t take any liability for these errors or omissions. Also, we may change the information in the Shop from time to time without notice.    

Choice of colours

We always do our best to accurately display and describe the colours of anything you see advertised in the Online Shop. Having said that, we can’t guarantee the colour of anything delivered to you will exactly match the colour you see on your screen. Partly that’s because the colours on computer screens and printers can vary quite a lot.

What you pay

The price you pay for the things you order will always be the price you see displayed in the Online Shop, plus delivery charges if there are any. Also, unless we specifically say otherwise, all prices are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST.

If for some reason we have something listed with the wrong price or some incorrect information, or we are out of stock, we reserve the right to cancel your order (regardless of whether you’ve paid for it). But if you’ve already paid for an order that needs to be cancelled we’ll refund you in full and let you know what we’ve done using the contact details you gave us when you placed your order.

If you are purchasing a Plan as part of your order, we will also display your monthly Plan Charge.  Your Plan Charge will be charged (together with any charges for usage over and above your monthly entitlement) to your Account each month on your Billing Date in accordance with the Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions and any other specific terms and conditions applicable to a Plan or Account made available by 2degrees as published at

If you are signing up to a Plan available on 24 month term, you may be eligible for a Plan Bonus.  Your eligibility and the amount of your Plan Bonus will depend on your selected Plan.    

You can use your Plan Bonus to purchase a mobile device on the Online Shop.  However, we will not be required to provide you with a refund (or an Online Store voucher) if you choose to purchase a mobile device on the Online Shop that is less than your Plan Bonus.

Finally, the things we sell in the Online Shop (and the price of them) may change at any time without notice.

The way you pay

You can buy things from the Online Shop with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners cards, just as long as those cards are valid and issued by a New Zealand bank. Unfortunately, cards issued by foreign banks can’t be used in the Online Shop.

There are restrictions on credit card purchases, such as how many products you can purchase in one transaction and credit card limits (see below for details).

Coupon Codes

If 2degrees has provided you with a unique code to be redeemed against orders of products from the Online Shop (“Coupon Code”), you must redeem your Coupon Code by entering the unique number provided by 2degrees at the checkout process when placing your order otherwise the discount will not be applied to your order.

You can only use one Coupon Code per order of product.

The Coupon Code will expire six months from the date that it is provided by the 2degrees representative to you. You will not be able to use the Coupon Code after this date.

You cannot use a Coupon Code in conjunction with any other sales discounts or promotional offers.

Use of the Coupon Code deems acceptance of the Promo Code & Coupon Code Terms and Conditions.

Your shopping limit

You can only buy a maximum of five SIM cards and/or two mobile devices at any one time. Your purchases may also be subject to a maximum credit card limit.

Cancelling or changing your order

When you make an order and get your order number, you have committed to buying the item(s) from the Online Shop. Having said that, we understand that sometimes people make mistakes. So if that happens, call us on 0800 022 022 straight away (and in any case within 5 days) and we’ll do our best to fix any problems. As long as your order hasn’t been processed, we should be able to make any changes you need. We may even be able to cancel the transaction if that’s what needs to happen.

We may activate your Plan on your behalf if you have not activated it within 5 days of your order and we have not heard from you to say that you wish to cancel your Plan within that time.

If you choose to cancel your Plan after 5 days of purchase, we may charge you Early Termination Charges and all other usage charges in accordance with the terms applicable to that Plan.

Our “Change Your Mind Guarantee”

We know that sometimes things arrive that aren’t quite what you wanted. So we’ve designed the “Change Your Mind Guarantee”.

Change of Mind – Mobile Device

If you need to return a mobile device just call us within 20 days of your order. As long as the mobile device is still packaged up like new, we’ll take it back with no questions asked. By “packaged up like new” we mean the mobile device is in its original box, the box is unopened and undamaged, and all external wrapping and seals are intact.

If you change your mind on a mobile device, call us on 0800 022 022 and we’ll send you out a postage-paid courier bag, together with a Change of Mind form.  You need to complete the Change of Mind form and post this back, together with your unopened mobile device, to the address given on the form within 30 days of purchase.

If you return a mobile device that we don’t consider to be “packaged up like new”, we won’t be able to refund you. Instead we’ll give you a call and we may also ask you to pay for the handset to be sent back to you.

Unfortunately, the “Change Your Mind Guarantee” doesn’t apply to SIM cards.

Change of Mind – Plans or interest free mobile repayment

If you want to cancel your Plan, you must call us on 0800 022 022 within 7 days of the date of purchase, otherwise we may charge you a fee for terminating your Plan before the end of your chosen Plan Term.  Terminating your Plan may also be subject to usage charges.

If you have purchased a mobile device using your Plan Bonus and wish to cancel your Plan, we will charge you for the cost of your handset. 

If you want to cancel your interest free mobile repayment option, then you may do so by cancelling it within 7 days of the date activation. Provided your mobile device is “packaged up like new” (meaning that the device is in its original box, the box is unopened and undamaged, and all external wrapping and seals are intact) then you may return the mobile device to us and we will refund you any payment made towards that mobile device. However, if we consider that your mobile device is not “packaged up like new” and you wish to cancel the mobile repayment option relating to that mobile device then we won’t be able to refund you and you will have to pay the remaining balance outstanding on that mobile device. We may also ask you to pay for the mobile device to be sent back to you.  

Change of Mind – Trade Up

If you exercise your right to Trade Up to a new eligible Trade Up handset in accordance with the Trade Up Terms and Conditions, you can change your mind with respect to your new handset by calling us on 0800 022 022 within 7 days of the date of obtaining your new handset. Provided your new handset is “packaged up like new” (meaning that the device is in its original box, the box is unopened and undamaged, and all external wrapping and seals are intact) then you may return the handset to us within 14 days of obtaining the handset and we will refund you any payment made towards that handset. We will also return your original handset to you and if the Plan on which your original handset was connected to is terminated, you will be required to pay us the full balance remaining on your original handset.    

However, if we consider that your new handset is not “packaged up like new” then we won’t be able to refund you and you will have to pay us the remaining balance outstanding on that handset or an early termination charge (as the case may be) if you wish to terminate the Plan to which your new handset is connected to. We may also ask you to pay for the handset to be sent back to you.

Our “Price Guarantee”

If within 7 working days of you purchasing a mobile handset (which is over the price of $100 (inclusive)) you learn that 2degrees has reduced the price of that mobile handset, then let us know within 30 days of your order, and we’ll credit your original payment method for the difference.

The Price Guarantee only applies to mobile handsets purchased from the Online Shop or any 2degrees store outright at the full retail price, and not in conjunction with any Plan, discount, subsidy or other offer available made available from 2degrees. Price Guarantee does not apply to any device (that is not a mobile handset) or accessory purchased. To be eligible for the Price Guarantee, the discounted price must be given by 2degrees only, and not any other retailer or provider of the mobile handset. 2degrees will not match the price of other retailers on the applicable mobile handset. Customer must provide proof of purchase to claim the refund.

To claim your Price Guarantee contact for mobile handset purchases on the Online Shop contact us on 0800 022 022. If you purchased your handset at a 2degrees Store, visit that store with your proof of purchase. 

Getting things delivered

We can only deliver things you buy from the Online Shop to physical addresses in New Zealand. This doesn’t include PO Boxes or Private Bags.

We’ll email you confirmation when your order is sent. If we’re sending something in or around Auckland it should arrive ‘next working day’. Any orders sent to the rest of New Zealand could take up to two working days to arrive. But whenever you place an order we’ll send a ‘track and trace’ ID with your confirmation email so you’ll always know exactly where your order is.

Getting things delivered on time is important to us, but we can’t guarantee delivery times. So we can’t be liable for any loss, cost or expense caused by delay in delivery.

Couriers need a signature before they’ll hand over an order and they won’t deliver to addresses that are obviously unoccupied. So if you’re not there, or they aren’t sure that everything is as it should be, they may decide that it’s best not to deliver your order. In that case, they may leave a card for you to call them and arrange for your order to be redelivered or picked up from the nearest depot.

We’re responsible for the items you’ve ordered until the order is signed for by you or someone on your behalf. Once you’ve got the order, it’s yours and you’re responsible.

Paying postage

For a limited time we’ll pay all courier charges for all the purchases that you make from our Online Shop. When we change this we’ll make it very clear on the website.

Sending things back (Returns Policy)

If for any reason the handset or SIM card we send you isn’t exactly what you ordered, or turns out to be faulty, we’ll do our best to get that fixed really quickly.

Just contact us on 0800 022 022 day or night as soon as possible and we’ll send you a postage-paid courier bag so you can send the order back to us.

Change of Mind / Wrong Device

If you wish to return a mobile device because you have changed your mind or the device is not what you thought it was or you wish to cancel a Plan, then you may be able to do so. Please see the “Change Your Mind Guarantee” section above for more information.

In addition, we if have sent you the wrong device, we’ll replace it for you at no cost. Just make sure that the box of the device you receive is unopened and undamaged, and all external wrapping and seals are intact. 

You’ll also need to fill out a form that we’ll send with the courier bag and include a copy of your receipt. It’s important to note that we’re not responsible for the items you send back until they arrive at 2degrees.

Faulty Device

If somehow the device we sent you turns out to be faulty as soon as you open it up then we will replace it for you at no cost.  Just call us within 7 days of purchasing your device on 0800 022 022 and we will send you a courier bag so you can return it.  A different process applies if you purchased an Apple device - please see below for details.

If we take a look at your handset and it turns out not to be faulty then we’ll send it back to you without replacing it or giving you a refund.  

If the device you purchased from us stops working at some point during the applicable manufacturer's warranty period, just call us on 0800 022 022 and we will let you know how you can return the device for repair. 

At this point, you may need to pay a bond to cover the cost of inspection by the manufacturer. If there is a genuine fault with your mobile device you’ll get the bond back and the manufacturer will repair or replace your mobile device as stated in their warranty terms. Warranty claims are also subject to the other terms and conditions that you’ll find in the manufacturer’s warranty that you’ll get with your handset.

If you need to send a mobile device back for repair or replacement, there is the chance you might permanently lose any contacts, ringtones, messages, games or other downloads that you have saved into your handset. So we recommend that before you send a handset back to us, you make a back up of this data. 2degrees isn’t responsible for any loss of data from your handset in the case of repair or replacement.

Apple Devices

Please note that if you have purchased any Apple device and on receiving the device it turns out to be faulty or is faulty at any time during the manufacturer's warranty period, just call us on 0800 022 022 and we will let you know how you can return it for repair.  We will not require you to pay a bond in respect of your Apple device and if there is a genuine fault with the device the manufacturer will repair it or replace it in accordance with the terms of their warranty. Please read the manufacturer's warranty that comes with your Apple device carefully. If you’re a consumer, this process does not affect faults in circumstances where you’re looked after by the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

Credit Card Security

It’s really important that you can use your credit or debit card safely in the Online Shop. All of our payments are handled by an independent accredited payment processor that complies with the standards set by the Payment Card Industry. 2degrees does not see or store card details.

The Online Shop uses 3D Secure for additional security. 3D Secure provides extra protection for both you and 2degrees for online payments. It is used to authenticate you as the cardholder during payment processing, similar to entering a PIN for an ATM or EFTPOS transaction. If you accidentally close out of the browser during the 3D Secure authentication process, your transaction will be treated as failed/abandoned.

For more information, see for Visa cards and for MasterCard transactions.

How the law looks after you

Whenever you buy something as a consumer you’re looked after by the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. 2degrees is totally committed to meeting all our responsibilities under the Act. The only time you aren’t covered by the Act is if you’re buying something for a business (see below). Also, there are the other things that we’ve mentioned in these terms, or elsewhere in our Site Terms of UsePrepay Terms and Conditions or Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions that apply to your use of the Online Shop and the purchase of products from it that may limit our responsibilities outside of the Act.

If you buy something from the Online Shop for your business, the Consumer Guarantees Act does not apply. So that means that our liability to you (or anyone claiming through you) is limited to the amount you paid for the specific product that your claim relates to. This doesn’t affect your rights under our “Change your Mind” guarantee or our Returns Policy.

Looking after your information

We take this very seriously and will comply with our Privacy Policy. When you use the Online Shop we understand that you accept this Policy as the way we collect, hold and manage your personal information.

Your order number

If you buy something from the Online Shop and need to talk to us about it, it’s much easier if you can give us the order number. If you don’t have that, you’ll need to know the credit card number you used to complete the order. That’s so we can make sure you are who you say you are.

Changes to these terms and conditions

Every now and then, we might need to make changes to these terms and conditions, which we’ll do by publishing them right here in the Online Shop. As soon as any new terms and conditions are published, all orders you make from the Online Shop are subject to the latest terms and conditions on the Shop at the time.

If for any reason any of these terms or conditions are unenforceable or invalid, the rest of them will always, to the maximum extent possible, remain in full force and effect.

Your use of our website and our Site Terms of Use are governed by New Zealand law.

And that’s it. So enjoy using the 2degrees Online Shop and if there’s anything you need or anything you’re not sure about, just give our team a call on 0800 022 022 at any time