Pay Monthly Data Pack Terms and Conditions

On 30 April 2018 we retired the $5 100MB NZ Data. If you have this Pack on auto-renew you may, for the time being, continue to purchase this Pack. But if you purchase another Data Pack after 30 April 2017 you will not be able to purchase this retired Pack you previously had auto-renewing again.

From 25 June 2018 the 3GB Zone Data pack will no longer be available for purchase.  If you had this Pack on auto-renew you will need to choose a new Data Pack.

These specific terms and conditions apply in addition to the Pay Monthly Terms and ConditionsBusiness Terms and Conditions, and the Business Account Terms and Conditions (as applicable to you).

  1. The rates and conditions below apply when you use your Mobile Phone (or other device) in New Zealand and have purchased the applicable Value Pack.
  2. All rates are inclusive of GST.
  3. The following Data Packs may be purchased on your Account:
Data Pack Cost
(incl. GST)
Included in Data Pack Validity Period
(from date of purchase)
Auto renews
500MB NZ Data Pack $10 500MB of NZ data One month Yes
1GB NZ Data Pack $20 1GB of NZ data One month Yes
15GB NZ Data Pack $50 15GB of NZ data One month Yes
12GB NZ Data Pack $99 12GB of NZ data Six months NO
  1. We will apply a Data Pack on your purchase date (Initial Pack), and the Initial Pack will automatically renew on your Billing Date, and thereafter will auto renew monthly on each Billing Date applicable to your Account (being the Pack Renewal Date for the purpose of these terms and conditions). For example, if you purchase your Initial Pack on 29 July, and the next Billing Date for your Account is 1 August, your Initial Pack will automatically renew on the 1 August, and thereafter monthly on each Billing Date.
  2. You will be billed for your Initial Pack on the Billing Date following the date of your purchase. The succeeding Data Pack applied on each Billing Date will be billed on each subsequent Billing Date.
  3. Each Data Pack (including the Initial Pack) applied to your Account in accordance with clause 5 above will expire at the end of its Validity Period as set out in the table in clause 4 above. You will lose any unused data of your Data Pack at the end of the Validity Period.
  4. The automatic renewal of the Data Pack on each Billing Date is subject to you not exceeding the credit limit or Spend Control limit applicable to your Account as at that Billing Date. If you have exceeded your credit limit or Spend Control limit at the time of renewal, your Data Pack will be cancelled and you will need to re-subscribe to a new Data Pack if you wish to purchase it again. Your new Data Pack will be applied in accordance with clause 5 above.
  5. You can purchase as many Data Packs as you require in any month. If you purchase more than one of the same NZ Data Pack at any one time, only your initial NZ Data Pack will auto renew on your Billing Date and all the benefits of your older auto renewing NZ Data Pack will expire at the end of its Validity Period.  
  6. If you wish to change the Data Pack that auto renews at each Billing Date, you will have to stop that Data Pack from auto renewing. You may then purchase a new auto renewing Data Pack.  

Applicable to Customers purchasing any Data Pack that does not auto renew

  1. Your data entitlement under your Data Pack will be used before your Plan entitlement. 
  2. If you use up all your Plan and Data Pack data entitlements during your Billing month, you must purchase a new Data Pack to continue using data services until a new allocation of Plan data is made your next Billing Date.


  1. You can stop your Data Pack from auto renewing any time prior to your Billing Date.
  2. NZ Data Packs can only be used in New Zealand.
  3. Our Data Packs can be used with a 2degrees USB Modem, your mobile phone or other data-enabled mobile device with a 2degrees SIM. 
  4. The benefits of your oldest Data Pack will be used first. 
  5. Your NZ Data Pack data usage per session is rounded up to the nearest 46.08KB increment and a minimum data usage per session of 46.08KB. 
  6. Any customers on the 2degrees Pool Plan are not eligible to purchase [Data Packs/use Family Share/use Data Sharing.