Shared Data Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply in addition to the 2degrees Pay Monthly Terms and ConditionsBusiness Terms and Conditions, and any other specific terms and conditions applicable to a Plan or Account made available by 2degrees and published on its website (together, the Applicable Terms and Conditions).
  2. These terms and conditions will win hands down in the event of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any Applicable Terms and Conditions.
  3. Unless stated otherwise, words and phrases in these terms and conditions have the same meaning given to them in the Applicable Terms and Conditions.
  4. “Shared Data” means data made available using the Shared Data Service.
  5. “Shared Data Service” means the service that allows data entitlements under an eligible Pay Monthly Plan made available by 2degrees (Parent Plan) to be shared with up to 5 additional devices that use a 2degrees SIM card to connect to the 2degrees Network (Linked Plan).
  6. “You” means the Account Owner of the Account (i.e. the boss) in relation to which the Shared Data Service has been activated in relation to a Parent Plan, or has authorised person(s) under their Account to activate the Shared Data Service.
  7. The Shared Data Service cannot be activated on a Prepay Account.
  8. You (or any person(s) authorised by you under your Account) can activate the Shared Data Service by:

    (a)  Registering and downloading the 2degrees app;
    (b)  Sending an SMS (text) from the device associated with the Plan on which you wish to share your data entitlements (this will be your Parent Plan) to 747 in the format “Share <Mobile Phone Number of the device you wish to enable for sharing>” (this will be the Linked Plan(s)), then responding with a ‘Yes’ or ‘Y’ within 24 hours of receiving the SMS request to confirm the activation of the Shared Data Service (each SMS being a Data Sharing Request); or
    (c) Calling Customer Care.

  9. The Shared Data Service will be activated under the applicable Parent Plan from the date that the Data Sharing Request is received and processed by 2degrees. 2degrees will use reasonable endeavours to process a Data Sharing Request within 24 hours. 2degrees may refuse in its discretion to activate the Shared Data Service in relation to any Plan.
  10.  A maximum of five (5) Linked Accounts may be activated in relation to any individual Parent Plan.
  11. We will try and notify the Parent Plan that the Shared Data Service has been successfully activated, and you do not hold us liable if you do not receive this notification.
  12. Once a Linked Plan is successfully activated under a Parent Plan, that Linked Plan will be able to use all of the data entitlements available under the applicable Parent Plan, including any Plan data entitlements and Add On data entitlements (the Shared Data) unless you have selected an option other than the ‘Open Sharing’ option – please review the Shared Data help and support page for further details. If all Shared Data entitlements have been used up during the Parent Plan’s Billing month, then the Linked Plan will not be able to continue to use data services until either:

    (a) a new Add On is purchased under the Parent Plan; or

    (b) a new allocation of Plan data is made to the Parent Plan on its Billing Date; or

    (c) a new Add On is purchased under the Linked Plan; or

    (d) Shared Data Services are terminated in respect of that Linked Plan in accordance with clause 18.

  13. Data Sharing includes features and functionality that allow you to choose how to share your data within the limits of that functionality (Sharing Controls). The applicable Sharing Controls are the Sharing Controls we make available at any given time. We may change, add or remove Sharing Controls at any time but will generally do so to enhance the Sharing Controls. Please review the Shared Data help and support page for the latest Sharing Control details.
  14. If a Data Sharing Request exceeds the Parent Plan’s data balance, that request will be unsuccessful and the applicable Data will not be made available to the relevant Linked Plan. If you wish to make further Data Sharing Requests you will need to either purchase a new data Add On or wait until your next Billing Date.
  15.  Successful Data Sharing Requests are fulfilled by using data in the same order as the Parent Plan uses data.
  16. Linked Plan(s) will first use any applicable Add On, Plan or Bonus data before using Shared Data.
  17. Shared Data will be used in the same order data as it is used by the Parent Plan.
  18. If a device associated with a Linked Plan is not located in NZ that Linked Plan will not be able to use the Shared Data of the Parent Plan.
  19. If a device associated with a Parent Plan is located outside NZ, all activated Linked Plans within NZ will continue to be able to access Shared Data.
  20.  You will be liable to us for all charges incurred by a Linked Plan that is under your Account, subject to any Credit Limit applicable to the relevant Parent Plan. Once any Credit Limit in respect of a Parent Plan is reached, the related Linked Plan(s) will no longer be able to use Shared Data.
  21.  The Applicable Terms and Conditions, including any Bonus rewards and Add On terms and conditions, and such other relevant terms and conditions as published by 2degrees from time to time that apply to the use of data entitlements under any Parent Plan will apply to the use of Shared Data by a Linked Plan.
  22.  You or any person(s) authorised to do so in respect of their Parent Plan can request that the Shared Data Service be terminated by:

    (a)  Selecting that option in the 2degrees app;

    (b)  Sending an SMS from the device associated with the Parent Plan (as applicable) to 747 in the format “Stop <Linked Plan Mobile Phone Number>”, then responding with a ‘Yes’ or ‘Y’ within 24 hours of receiving the SMS request to confirm the termination of the Shared Data Service; or

    (c)   Calling Customer Care.   

  23. If the SIM associated with a Prepay Plan does not activate a data session in any four month period, or is not topped-up with Re-Charge Credit in any 12 month period, that SIM will be deactivated, and you will need to arrange for a new SIM and Linked Plan to be connected to the Parent Plan.
  24. In accordance with our Privacy Policy the Parent Plan will be able to view the amount of Shared Data each Linked Plan has used.