Spend Control Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply in addition to the standard Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions and Business Terms and Conditions (as applicable).
  2. Spend Control is available customers connected to any Plan made available by 2degrees, but is not available on Prepay. 
  3. Spend control can only be applied at the Plan level and not the Account level.
  4. The amount that you nominate as your Spend Control limit must be set below your credit limit.
  5. The Spend Control limit will apply to any minutes, texts and data or other 2degrees Services that you use over and above your monthly Plan entitlement. You continue to be liable to 2degrees for your monthly Plan charge and all other charges incurred up to your Spend Control limit.
  6. Once you reach your Spend Control limit, you will not be able to use further chargeable Services available to you on your Plan or Account (as the case may be) until your following Billing Date unless you change or turn off your Spend Control limit.
  7. If you change your Spend Control limit at any time, it will replace any existing Spend Control limit and become your new Spend Control limit.
  8. If you turn off your Spend Control limit, you will need to re-apply it if you want to use the Spend Control services.
  9. If you turn off your Spend Control limit you will continue to incur charges for the use of the Services up to the credit limit applied to your Account. You will be liable for all charges incurred in excess of your Spend Control limit.
  10. 2degrees may restrict your ability to use Spend Control and will notify you if it requires to do so.
  11. 2degrees shall not be liable to you in respect of your use of the Spend Control services.