Baby Cash Bonus Offer Terms and Conditions

These terms relate to the Birthday offer of Baby Bonuses (BirthdayOffer) made by Two Degrees Mobile Limited, with its registered office at Level 2, 136 Fanshawe Street, Auckland 1010 (2degrees).

These terms set out how a legal guardian of an Eligible Child (Applicant) can apply for their Eligible Child to receive a Baby Cash Bonus (Baby Bonus).

All references to a guardian in these terms include any parent with custody of their Eligible Child or other legal guardian of that Eligible Child.


  1. A child will be anEligible Child if they:
    1. are born in New Zealand on 1 June 2022 (Eligible Birth Date);
    2. are resident in New Zealand at the time an application for a Baby Bonus is made on their behalf (Application Date); and
    3. have a New Zealand birth certificate which records the Eligible Birth Date and legal names of the parents.
  2. For an Eligible Child to receive a Baby Bonus, 2degrees must have accepted an application in respect of that Eligible Child submitted by an Applicant that meets the criteria set out below under the heading “Application for a Baby Bonus” and has been verified by 2degrees.

Terms of Birthday the Baby Bonus

  1. The Baby Bonus will be a one-off cash bonus payable by 2degrees to an Eligible Child.
  2. The cash Baby Bonus payable to each Eligible Child will be a share of an aggregate baby bonus pool of $222,000 divided by the number of Eligible Children born on the Eligible Birth Date who successfully apply for the Baby Bonus. For example, if 222 Eligible Children are born on the Eligible Birth Date and each successfully applies for a Baby Bonus, each successful Eligible Child will receive $1,000.
  3. The Baby Bonus should be paid into the New Zealand bank account number recorded in the Baby Bonus Application, by 31 August provided:
    1. an Applicant’s application form meets the requirements set out in paragraph 6 below; and
    2. 2degrees has verified to its satisfaction the matters set out in paragraphs 7 and 8 below.

Application for a Baby Bonus

  1. To apply for a Baby Bonus on behalf of an Eligible Child, an Applicant must:
    1. complete and submit the application form on 2degrees’ website available here by 5pm 30 June 2022 (Application and Application Cut-off Time); and
    2. following an email from us confirming your application, respond to us by return email ( with:
      1. the following supporting documents for verification purposes:
  • a certified copy of the Eligible Child’s New Zealand birth certificate;
  • if the Applicant is not recorded as a parent on the birth certificate, a certified copy of proof of their legal guardianship in respect of the Eligible Child;
  • a certified copy of the Applicant’s passport or New Zealand Driver Licence; and
      1. a bank statement clearly including the following account details you wish the Baby Bonus to be paid into:
  • Account holder name and address
  • Account details
  • Bank Account Number,

before 5pm on 31 July 2022 (NZT) (Supporting DocumentsCut-off Time).

  1. 2degrees will review each application received and determine whether it satisfies the criteria set out in these terms.  2degrees reserves the right in its sole discretion to accept or reject any application and an application will not be considered accepted until 2degrees has formally notified the Applicant of 2degrees’ acceptance in writing.
  2. 2degrees will not consider an application to be complete unless and until it has received all of the required documentation set out in paragraph 6 above in respect of the Eligible Child and it is satisfied that the documentation is true and complete.
  3. 2degrees may decline an Application at any time if, in 2degrees’ reasonable opinion, the relevant child is not an Eligible Child or the individual who has applied is not a guardian of the child, or an Application and supporting documents have not been received by the Cut-off Times recorded in paragraph 6.
  4. If 2degrees requests further information from the Applicant in relation to the Application and 2degrees does not receive that information by the specified date or 2degrees is not satisfied with the information provided it may decline an Application.
  5. By submitting an Application and supporting documents the Applicant authorises 2degrees to seek confirmation from the Department of Internal Affairs or applicable foreign Embassy, High Commission or Consulate that the documents and identity of the individuals are true and complete.
  6. 2degrees will only accept one Application for a Baby Bonus per Eligible Child.
  7. Each Applicant agrees that any Baby Bonus paid to an Applicant that at any time in 2degrees’ reasonable opinion was due to the Applicant submitting false or misleading information shall be repayable immediately on 2degrees’ demand.


  1. 2degrees may decline to act on the direction of a guardian of an Eligible Child if, in 2degrees’ reasonable opinion, another guardian, or guardians, of that Eligible Child disagree with that guardian’s direction.
  2. The decisions of 2degrees on all matters relating to this Baby Bonus Offer are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  3. We cannot guarantee that sending the supporting documentation set out in paragraph 6 will be secure while in transmission. However, once we receive the supporting documentation we will store that documentation securely, it will only be made accessible to staff who are required to access it for the purposes of conducting the Baby Bonus offer and we will destroy it once the offer process has been completed.
  4. 2degrees reserves the right to amend these terms and in its absolute discretion and / or cancel the Baby Bonus Offer at any time prior to the payment of the Baby Bonus.
  5. To the extent permitted by law, 2degrees excludes any liability it may have to any Eligible Child or Applicant arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with this Baby Bonus Offer.
  6. Any personal information collected as part of this Baby Bonus offer will be used for the purposes of that offer and held by 2degrees in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 and 2degrees privacy policy which can be found here . An Eligible Child, and their guardians will have the right to access, update and correct any information 2degrees holds about that child.
  7. If a Court or administrative body decides that any part of these terms and conditions are illegal, void or cannot be enforced, that decision will not make the rest of these terms and conditions invalid.
  8. Any notice given to an Eligible Child or an Applicant in connection with the Baby Bonus Offer may be made by email to the Applicant at the contact email address provided in the application form.
  9. The laws of New Zealand apply.