Retired 2degrees Business Broadband Plan Terms and Conditions

Note: On 7 July 2020 we retired some of our Business Broadband Plans. If you signed up to a Business Broadband Plan prior to 7 July 2020, then the terms and conditions set out here apply to you.

These terms and conditions apply in addition to our Business Broadband Terms and Conditions and any other specific terms and conditions applying to your Plan or Account with 2degrees.

In the case of inconsistency with these terms and the Business Broadband Terms and Conditions, these terms will prevail. Unless stated otherwise, capitalised terms have the same meaning given to them in the Business Broadband Terms and Conditions.

All rates are exclusive of GST, unless stated otherwise.

Subject to these terms and conditions, you may sign up to the following Plans (up to Fibre 100/100 Mbps):

(a)  200GB Plan - $90/month; or

(b)  Unlimited Plan - $110/month.

  1. Term

(a)  Your term will start from the date your Connection is Activated.

Fixed Term

(b)  If you sign up to a fixed term Plan, you agree to receive the Services for at least the length of that fixed period.  After the fixed period, we will provide the Services to you on a month by month basis until they are terminated in accordance with this Agreement.

            Open Term

(c)  If you do not sign up for a fixed term, we will provide the Services to you on a month by month basis until they are terminated in accordance with this Agreement.

  1. Connection

(a)  By signing up to an open term Plan, you agree to pay:

(i)    $199 for a standard connection fee (“Connection Charge”);

(ii)   $149 for a 2degrees-supplied modem (“Modem Charge”); and

(iii)  $13.04 for a delivery charge (“Delivery Charge”).

(b)  If you have signed up to a fixed term Plan, you do not have to pay the upfront Connection Charge, Modem Charge or Delivery Charge. 

(c)  If you leave a fixed term Plan before the end of the term, you agree to pay an early termination charge of $299 or the applicable charge set out in the offer.

(d)  If you signed up to a fixed term Plan without a 2degrees-supplied modem, you agree to pay an early termination charge of $149 or the applicable charge set out in the offer.

(e)  If you are moving from a retired 2degrees broadband plan (e.g. formerly an @Work service) to a new 2degrees Plan, there is no Connection Charge, Modem Charge or Delivery Charge, unless there is a change in Connection and/or Services. You agree to pay (if applicable):

(i)    $149 Modem Charge;

(ii)   $13.04 Delivery Charge; and/or

(iii)  $99 for a change in connection if you are moving from a Fibre Connection to a DSL Connection or are adding a Basic Phone Line to an existing Fibre Connection (“Connection Change fee”).

(f)   If you are moving from a retired 2degrees broadband plan to a new 2degrees Plan and retain any services from that retired plan (not covered under your new 2degrees Plan), the terms and conditions relating to those services will continue to apply.

(g)  If you are moving from a retired broadband plan on a fixed term to a new 2degrees Plan and do not select a new term and/or open term, your existing term (and any early termination charges) will continue to apply.

  1. Deposit (One Month’s fees)

(a)  At the time of sign-up, you will also be required to pay a deposit of your first monthly Charges (including for any Add-On Services) in advance ("Deposit").

(b)  The Deposit will later be applied to the balance owing on your first Bill after your connection is Activated.

  1. Fibre Services

This section applies if we provide a Fibre (UFB) Broadband Service (“Fibre Service”) to you:

A. General

(a)  You agree to us sharing your information with the relevant Local Fibre Company (“LFC”) – Chorus Limited, Enable Services Limited, Ultrafast Fibre Limited, or Northpower Limited to the extent necessary for providing Fibre Services to you.

(b)  In accepting the Fibre Services, you also agree to be bound by the LFC’s end user terms as set out on your LFC’s website (which can be found here), which relate to the provision (which includes installation) and use of that part of the LFC’s network located on your premises.

B. Installation

(a)  You confirm that you own the premises where the Fibre Service will be installed, or have all the necessary consents to install it.

(b)  You must be present at your premises during the installation of your Fibre Service.

(c) A non-standard installation may require additional charges. You will be advised of any additional charges that apply to your installation before any installation work is commenced.

C. Availability of Service

(a)  The Fibre Service is only available in locations which are sites enabled by your LFC, and where we have the required connections in place to the LFC.

D. Monitored devices and other services

(a)  If you rely on a Medic Alert or other similar monitored device, or a monitored alarm system and your provider for these services cannot guarantee their compatibility with a fibre-based service, you should not sign up for a Fibre Service. 

E. Existing service providers and copper wiring

(a)  If you are with another service provider and you wish to have your phone number(s) ported to our Fibre Service, you must not cancel the services with your existing service provider prior to moving over to us. If you do this, we cannot guarantee that your number will be available on our Fibre Service.

(b)  The copper wiring to your premises may be removed upon completion of the installation of your Fibre Service.  If the copper wiring is removed, only the Fibre Service will be available at your premises.

F. Equipment

(a)  You agree that you will not damage or tamper with any of our and/or LFC devices provided at your premises for the delivery of the Fibre Services and you will follow any reasonable instructions we may have in relation to all such devices.

(b)  All equipment provided by the LFC in order to use the Fibre Service will remain the property of the LFC.

  1. 2degrees Business Bundle Discount

(a)  If you are a 2degrees Pay Monthly or Business mobile customer and have a 2degrees Business broadband Plan you are entitled to a $8.70 discount on your 2degrees Business broadband monthly Plan Charge (“BusinessBundle Discount”).

(b)  Only one Business Bundle Discount per 2degrees Pay Monthly or Business mobile customer.  For the avoidance of doubt, you will not be able to use a mobile phone number for this discount if is already being used for a bundle discount on another 2degrees plan.  

(c)  Your 2degrees Mobile Phone Number needs to be loaded into Your 2degrees Broadband to be able to activate the Business Bundle Discount.

(d)  If you activate your Business Bundle Discount after sign-up, it will apply from your next Billing Date. 

(e)  If your 2degrees Pay Monthly or Business Account is terminated you will no longer be eligible for the Business Bundle Discount.

  1. Modem

(a)  If you are taking a Smart Phone Line(s), you will need a 2degrees-supplied modem to use our Services.

(b)  If we supply you with a modem on a fixed term Plan and/or you have not paid upfront for it, we will retain ownership of the modem until the end of the fixed term period or any outstanding Charges are paid (whichever is earlier). 

(c)  If you are not using a 2degrees-supplied modem with a VDSL or Fibre Connection, your modem must support VLAN tagging and PPPoE authentication.

(d)  You agree that 2degrees can only offer limited technical support for modems not supplied by 2degrees.

  1. Data

(a)  All traffic (upload and download) will be counted towards your data usage. 

(b)  If you have a data limit on your Plan and you reach this limit during your Billing month, you will be charged $2/GB for data usage in excess of the data limit of your Plan until you reach a maximum of $70 and then you’ll get unlimited data usage for the rest of your Billing month.

(c)  You can log in to Your 2degrees Broadband to view your data usage.

  1. Speed

(a)  Broadband is not available in all areas and broadband speeds do vary. 

(b)  Any statements made about broadband speeds are not guarantees about continuous speed.  The actual speed your Connection can achieve may depend on a number of factors, including how close your premises are to an exchange, your connection and wiring, the location and quality of the websites you choose to view, and any software you have downloaded (malicious or otherwise).  

(c)  Your Connection’s performance may also be affected by the number of users in your premises and also on our network or the network of third parties that we use to provide the Service to you.

  1. Fibre Speed Boost

(a)  If you have a standard Fibre connection on one of our Plans, you can purchase a monthly $30 Fibre Speed Boost (up to 200 Mbps download/upload).  

(b)  If you add a Fibre Speed Boost during your Billing period it will be pro-rated and charged at your next Billing Date.

(c)  If you wish to terminate a Fibre Speed Boost, you can do so at any time before your next Billing Date and a $43.48 fee applies. The monthly Charge for the Fibre Speed Boost will be pro-rated and any credit from the existing monthly Charge will be offset against any outstanding Charges at the next Billing Date.

  1. Wiring Maintenance

(a)  If you have ADSL or VDSL on one of our Plans (or a Basic Phone Line on a Fibre connection), you can pay $3.95 per month to sign up to our Add-On Service for optional wiring maintenance (“Wiring Maintenance Service”). 

(b)  If you add our Wiring Maintenance Service during your Billing period, it will apply and be charged from your next Billing Date.

(c)  If you terminate your Wiring Maintenance Service it will take effect on the Billing Date following your request and you will be responsible for Charges until that date. However, if you request to terminate it on your Billing Date, it will be removed on the following Billing Date.

(d)  Under our Wiring Maintenance Service, we can arrange for a qualified telecommunications technician to come to your premises and repair your internal wiring or socket faults. As part of the Wiring Maintenance Service, we will cover the cost of the parts and labour for the repair.

(e)  If you have more than one service line at your premises, you will need to choose which line you wish to cover.

(f)   Our Wiring Maintenance Service covers:

(i)     Interference on your line or the line not working.

(ii)   Faults such as frequent disconnections to the broadband service or a loss of broadband connection.

(iii)  Internal wiring including copper wiring (BT), Ethernet cabling (Cat6 and Cat5) and RJ45 sockets.

(iv) Cost of a repair or replacement of a faulty splitter. 

(g)  Our Wiring Maintenance Service does not cover:

(i)    Wiring from the jack point inside the house, which includes wiring connecting your devices such as modems and computers.

(ii)   Changes that are not related to a fault, such as moving, adding or changing sockets.

(iii)  External cabling between your premises and another building on your property.

(iv) Wiring damage caused by natural disasters.  This is usually covered by insurance policies.

(v)  Repairing damage caused by building alterations, refurbishments, animals (including rodents), insects or vandalism.

(vi) Faults proven to be a result of a customer’s equipment such as telephone handset, DSL filters, patch cords or broadband modems. Any upgrades to older wiring at your premises where ADSL signals cause interference to the customer’s radio and any upgrades required for fibre or other technology suitability.

(vii)Set-up of a new broadband connection and wiring at new or existing premises.

(viii)               The purchase and installation of a splitter.

(ix) Broadband performance issues are not covered under this service.  For more information on these types of faults please refer to our website.

  1. Terminating your Plan and/or Add-On Services

(a)  You can terminate any Add-On Services in accordance with the specific terms and conditions that apply, and you can terminate your Plan in accordance with clause 13 of the Business Broadband Terms and Conditions.

(b)  You will still be liable for any Charges incurred up to the date of termination, including any usage-based Charges (such as toll calls and/or excess broadband data) which are charged in arrears.

(c)  Please note that if you are on a fixed term Plan, an early termination charge will apply if you terminate prior to the end of any fixed term.  Please see clause 2 for specific details.

  1. General

(a)  Any entitlements under a Plan that remain unused at the end of any Billing month may not be carried over to later months or have any monetary value or credit ascribed to them.

(b)  You will remain liable for all Charges incurred up to the date your Account ends with us. 

(c)  We may change our Plans and/or Add-On Services, or these terms and conditions from time to time.  Any changes will be notified to you in accordance with our obligations under the Business Broadband Terms and Conditions.