2degrees Network

We’re proud of our network. Over the years we've invested more than $1Billion into creating a network to help Kiwis do what they need to do - connect, call, stream and snap. Try it for yourself by taking The Blind Network Test today.

Networks 101: Straight up

Networks are all pretty much the same. It’s why we reckon you won’t notice much difference between ours and the others. They will however perform differently depending on what you’re trying to do and where you’re trying to do it. Checkout what you can do depending on the connection you have.

Making space for the future

We're continuing to improve and future proof our network by working with key partners as digitisation reaches further into mission - critical structures. We’re driven to increase resilience against natural disasters and unexpected interuptions.

Trusted business partner for space-based connectivity

Satellite connectivity provides increased resilience for New Zealand Businesses. 2degrees offers Starlink Internet Plans for Business customers operating remotely and on the move. 2degrees is also Starlink’s trusted ground infrastructure partner - supplying national support for space-based internet services. We’re also testing personal space services to connect you across the whole country.

starlink satellite on a hilltop, photo taken at dawn

Take The Blind Network Test

Follow these steps to try our award-winning mobile network for yourself.

Step 1: Choose a Plan

Join us on one of the Pay Monthly plans below. You’ll need to pay for the first month upfront to get started.

take the test - step 1
Step 2: Start using our Mobile Network

Get out there and use your mobile like you normally do. Put our network to the test!

take the test - 2
Step 3: The end of the month

After using our mobile network for the first month, we’re pretty sure you’ll love it-but if you don’t-you can claim your base plan fee back thanks to our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. T&Cs apply.

take the test - 3

Choose a plan to get started

You can sign up to any of our Pay Monthly Plans to take advantage of the Blind Network Test. Here’s three of our most popular plans to get you started.

*Fair use policy applies
Carryover Data: Can be carried over for up to 12 months. Monthly Plan data used first then Carryover Data. Data Hour/Data Clock: Data Hour/Data Clock max speeds everyday for 40GB/m then reduced max speeds of 1mbps. At reduced speeds your experience will be impacted. Register on the Data Clock app for your free hour of data per day. See www.2degrees.nz/data-clock for details on registering for the Data Clock app. T&Cs apply.

What you’ll love

Curious types can click the icons to reveal more information.

Uncapped Carryover

Keep all of your unused data for 12 months.

Free Data Hour

1 hour of unlimited data to use every day on top of your Carryover plan data.

Open Term

Change plans whenever it suits you.

Shared Data

Share data for free to other 2degrees mobiles on Carryover plans.

Hotspotting included

Turn your phone into a Wifi modem for free with no limits.

5G ready

Harness the power at no extra cost.

Group Plans

Save by adding up to 5 people to your mobile plan.

Contact us

Need help? Grab a hand from one of our Customer Care Specialists.

2degrees Network Perks

Joining the 2degrees network comes with some extra special treats. Deals for frontline workers, a dedicated app for buying data when you need it and a free data hour everyday.

Why 2degrees - Free data hour
Why 2degrees - Data Clock
Why 2degrees - Kiwi Heroes

Fairness follows our network

As New Zealand’s fairest telco*, there’s several things we add to our network
 to ensure that you’re getting the fairest deal in all the places our network touches.
*Kantar Corporate Reputation Index 2023

Why 2degrees - Carryover data
Why 2degrees - Endless data
Why 2degrees - Share and hotspot
Why 2degrees - No contracts
Why 2degrees - WiFi Calling
Why 2degrees - Network Guarantee

The Blind Network Test FAQs