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Managed networks

Managed networks provide efficient paths for making real time changes, based on what's important to your business.

Business Services - Managed Networks

Leveraging the full range of connectivity options, 2degrees Interconnect is a cost-effective and secure multi-site solution for New Zealand businesses. 

Starlink Business Service

We’re now taking expressions of interest in our soon-to-be launched Starlink Business service. Starlink excels as a high-speed, low-latency primary or failover connection in rural and hard to reach areas.


2degrees Interconnect provides customers with vendor-independent multi-site connectivity options throughout New Zealand. 

By allowing customer sites to take advantage of favourable local communications options to lower cost and maximise performance, while ensuring consistency across their network topology.

Interconnect SD

A step up from the Interconnect Standard and Plus service options, Interconnect SD has the edge router still located on a customer's site overlaid with a Cloud Network Manager.


"2degrees offers excellent value for money and can tailor their network solution to meet the needs of each location. The team are responsive, take problems in their stride and work with other infrastructure companies to just make sure it’s sorted out for us."

Alan Warne, Team Leader
Environment Canterbury Regional Council




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