Triumph & Disaster

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Since its inception five years ago, New Zealand-based premium mens’ skincare brand ‘Triumph and Disaster’ has taken the world by storm with its edgy, masculine products which now take pride of place in some of the world’s top department stores, including Selfridges and Paul Smith in London.

The brainchild of ex-New Zealand cricketer, Dion Nash, Triumph and Disaster has grown rapidly. With its core markets in New Zealand and Australia, recent expansion into America, Europe and other parts of the world has added to the complexity of the business. This has meant Triumph & Disaster have had to be smart at growing their global territory and brand awareness from a distance and on the go. According to Nash, technology has played a fundamental role in helping it achieve this.

“As our business has grown, so have our technology needs. We are now a completely mobile and cloud-based business and 2degrees have been instrumental in helping us achieve this. We spend a lot of time either on the road or travelling internationally and rely heavily on our mobiles, laptops and iPads to stay connected to every facet of our business, regardless of time zone,” he says. “2degrees allows us to do this in a seamless way so we can get on with running our business the way we need to.”

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Nash says he’s found there are many advantages to switching to one network company.

“The way I see it, working between my mobile and laptop should be a seamless experience and it makes sense to be with someone who can provide that. We have both our mobile and broadband services with 2degrees and I think it has helped us do business a lot more efficiently. The switch was easy, the plans are smart and our service expectations and business values are also very much aligned with 2degrees which is reassuring.”

It’s all about service

“Service is absolutely key for us. We love 2degrees’ personal approach to business. It has spent a lot of time getting to know our business and the systems we use to ensure we have the right plans and flexibility tailored specifically to our needs. I like the fact that I can call Australia without thinking twice about the cost and our data plans are also structured in a way that has actually helped us better utilise our devices. It’s this level of flexibility and simplicity that has made all the difference to us.”

2degrees has us covered

Nash says he is often asked by friends about 2degrees.

“People are really interested - particularly around its network coverage. We have always found 2degrees’ coverage to be reliable, the switch was easy and their service is excellent. It’s an easy conversation to have at BBQ’s!”