How to set up Auto Top Up for Prepay

Auto Top Up is the smart way to stay topped up, so you never need to run out of credit for your Prepay plan.

How do I get Auto Top Up?

To set up Auto Top Up, log in to Your 2degrees and then decide the amount you want to automatically top up with every time the minimum top up amount is $10.

Then you can select the type of Auto Top Up that suits you: Low Balance or Monthly Auto Top Up.

Once you've selected which Auto Top Up you want, register your credit card details.

You can stay in control of your Auto Top Up and make changes any time you like by visiting Your 2degrees or call Customer Care and they can help.

Low Balance Auto Top Up

If you want to automatically top up only when your balance gets low, select Low Balance. We'll top you up when your balance drops to $2.50 with your chosen amount and debit your credit card.

Then choose if you want us to text you first. If you choose Yes we'll text you when your balance drops below $2.50 to check if you want to be topped up. Reply Y within 24 hours and we'll debit your credit card. If you don't reply, we won't do anything

Monthly Auto Top Up

If you want a set and forget monthly top up of the same amount every month, select Monthly Auto Top Up.

You can even set up monthly top ups for someone else's mobile, maybe a family member or employee or even multiple people linked to your account.

Set up Monthly Auto Top Up for someone else

You can set up Monthly Auto Top Ups for up to 15 Prepay accounts (you and 14 others) who are linked to the account.

  1. Log in to Your 2degrees
  2. Click the person icon in the top right corner of the dashboard
  3. From the drop down menu, select Your Accounts
  4. Select one of the numbers already linked to your account
  5. If you want to add a new person, click Add a mobile number
  6. Type in the number, that person will be sent a text which they must respond to.
  7. Once responded, go back to Your Accounts from the person icon drop down menu
  8. Select the person or number
  9. Then in the bottom left hand corner click on Auto payments
  10. There you can set up a monthly automatic top up by filling out your credit card information and selecting the date the number will be topped up each month.

There is a daily limit of $1,500 for Monthly Auto Top Ups and a maximum top up of $100 for each member.

Only the holder of the registered credit card can change the Monthly Auto Top Up settings. Changes are easy to make by visiting Your 2degrees.

Looking for Autopay?

Got a Prepay plan and want to top up directly from your credit or debit card each month rather than topping up your phone? Check out how to do this with Autopay.

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