Pay Monthly Group Plans price increase 2023

Why are Group Plan prices going up?

We recently increased the data on some of our Pay Monthly plans to pack in even more value and help you stay connected to the stuff you love. To make this data increase possible, we’ve had to adjust the price of our Group Plans.

How does the price increase work?

If you are currently on the 100GB Max Speed plan or our Unlimited* plan, the cost of the leader plan stays the same at $75 but the cost of each additional group member goes up from $30 to $35 per person, per month.

When does the price increase start?

The increase of $5 per month for each additional group member on the 100GB Max Speed plan and the Unlimited* plan starts from 23 January 2023.

Does the price increase apply to new and existing customers?

Yes, the change will apply to new and existing customers. If you’re on the plan listed above, your group plan price will increase from your first bill after 23 January 2023.

Does the price increase apply to older plans?

No. If you’re on a different Group Plan to the one listed above, or a retired plan, the price increase will not apply to your plan.

Can I change my Group Plan to another mobile plan?

Yes, you can change them to another Pay Monthly plan. Browse through our mobile plans to see what’s available and would suit. Before changing your group members to another plan, you’ll need to remove them from the existing group.

I don’t want to pay more. Can I cancel my Group Plan?

Yes, you can. While we’d be sad to see you leave, all you need to do is call Customer Care on 0800 022 022 or head into your nearest 2degrees store and they’ll sort you out.

Do I need to make any changes to my automatic bill payment?

If you’ve already set up an automatic payment with us either via Direct Debit or Credit Card, there’s nothing more you need to do. When the time comes, we’ll automatically deduct the increased amount.

If you’ve set up an automatic payment directly with your bank, you’ll need to update the payment amount to include an extra $5, since we can’t do this on your behalf.