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Sick of your mates not having enough data to like your latest Insta post? Tired of the kids constantly asking you to buy more data for them? Now, whether it’s your crew or your family, the Group plan allows you to sort everyone’s minutes, texts and data needs, plus get just one bill.

Simply visit our Pay Monthly page, choose an eligible data plan based on the number of people you want to create a Group with and the amount of data you want everyone to have. Each Group plan will receive their own data allowance, so you don’t have to worry about how to share. Group plans can only be added to accounts with a $75 Endless Pay Monthly plan or a $45 or $60 Carryover plan.

Benefits of the Group plan for Pay Monthly

Make life a little simpler with a Group plan that lets you connect up to five people to the one Pay Monthly Plan. Plus, with Free Data Hour on all our Pay Monthly plans, you and your crew can milk even more from your plan. Here’s what to expect from your Group plan:

  • Unlimited* calls and texts to NZ & Aussie for each person
  • On a $60 Carryover plan up to five people can each get 16GB of Carryover Data
  • On a $45 Carryover plan up to five people can all get 6GB of Carryover Data
  • If one of the Group members uses all their data, they'll be prompted to purchase a Data Pack.
  • Both the leader and members on Carryover Group plans can share their data with other 2degrees Prepay and Pay Monthly customers with Carryover plans
  • On a $75 Endless plan you’ll get 100GB of endless* data for up to five people in a Group. Max speed Data limits are based on plan chosen. If a Group member uses up their Max speed Data, they can enjoy unlimited data at reduced speeds of up to 1.2mbps. Everyone else stays at Max speed until they use up their own monthly allowance.
  • The convenience of one bill for up to 6 people (one Leader plan and up to five Group plans).
  • You can add an interest-free phone to your account for any Member in the Group plan. The monthly repayment will be added to the bill at the end of the month.

How to set up your Group plan?

You can add a Group Plan to an existing 2degrees Pay Monthly account via the 2degrees Mobile app. Just tap on the menu and find ‘My Plan’. Then follow the steps to add up to five Group Plans.

Otherwise, simply head into your nearest 2degrees store, or request a call back online to see if your current plan is eligible.

How many people can I have in my Group plan?

You can have a maximum of 1 Leader and 5 Members per Group plan.

As the account holder, do I need to control how much data my Group plan uses?

Being the account holder doesn’t mean you have to become the hall monitor. Everyone in the Group plan gets their own Data allowance, based on the plan you choose.

How can I remove people from my Group?

If it’s them, not you and you’d like to go your separate ways – no worries. Call Customer Care on 0800 022 022 or head into your nearest 2degrees store and they’ll sort you out.

What if the Leader wants to leave the Group plan?

You’ll still be responsible for all plans remaining on the account and one of any remaining Group Plans will need to be converted to an eligible Leader Plan. But don’t worry, we’ll make this process easy for you. To sort this out, just call our Care team on 0800 022 022 and they’ll help you out.

How can I get more Data for the Group plan?

On an Endless Plan: Anyone on a Group plan can use the Data Clock app to buy more Max speed Data. The cost of the pack will then be added to the bill at the end of the month. Easy.

On a Carryover Plan: Anyone on a Group a plan can use the Data Clock app to purchase unlimited data that will last up to 7 days, or grab one of our Data add-ons available in the 2degrees app. The costs of these will then be added to the bill at the end of the month. Easy.

How to pay for your Group plan?

The account holder is responsible for all the Group plans they add to their account. All Group plans will be added to the monthly bill of the account holder.

How can I see who is in my Group plan?

We’d hope you don’t forget the names of your nearest and dearest, but just in case you have a sudden brain freeze, you can see all the numbers of the members in your Group plan in Your 2degrees or in your 2degrees app.

How can I get more Max speed Data for the Group plan?

Already run out of your Max speed Data? We can help with that. To make things simple, anyone on a Group plan can use the Data Clock app to purchase additional Max speed Data. The cost of the pack will then be added to the bill at the end of the month. Easy.

How can I set up Spend Control for the Group plan?

If you’re the account holder of the Group plan, you can either set the Spend Control Limits for your Group plans or give them access to set their own. Find out more about setting up Spend Control here.

Can I still share data to people outside of the Group plan?

Yes, you can share data with up to 5 people either inside or outside the group plan.

Why are speeds slowed after I use up all my Max speed Data?

2degrees is all about fighting for fair. We want to make sure our network doesn’t slow anyone down and a few heavy users aren’t hogging the fast lane for everyone else. But even after you use up all your Max speed Data, you can still use all the data you want, at reduced speeds of 1.2mbps.

What happens if my speed is slowed?

On reduced data speeds, you can continue to use your phone for music, browsing, social media, video calling and streaming. However, your online experience will be impacted. At reduced data speeds, video will automatically play at SD quality instead of HD quality and web pages may take a wee bit longer to load, but your phone will not run out of data. The speed you experience may vary based on your location, current network congestion and mobile device. Read more on how this reduced speed may affect the way you use your phone here.

What if someone in the Group plan uses 40GB. Does that mean the speed is slowed for everyone in the Group plan?

That wouldn’t be fair now would it? Don’t worry, it’s on an individual basis which means that if anyone in your Group plan uses 40GB, it’s only their mobile speed that is slowed. The remaining Group plan members’ mobile speeds will be unaffected, and they can keep streaming and scrolling at full speed.

Things you should know about Group Plans:

*Fair Use Policy applies.

  • Group plans can only be added to the $45Carryover plan, $60 Carryover plan and $75 Endless Pay Monthly plans
  • A Group consists of one full-priced Pay Monthly plan and up to 5 discounted Group plans
  • Standard NZ and Aussie minutes and person to person text only. Premium rate numbers excluded. Calls and texts to countries other than NZ & Aussie cannot be shared. NZ data usage only.
  • Customers on a Carryover Group Plan can carryover all their unused data for up to 12 months. Carryover data can only be used after all your current months plan data has been used.
  • Customers on an Endless Group Plan enjoy Max speed Data until they reach the total allocation for their chosen plan within that month. Once a member of the Group uses up all the Max speed Data for the plan, the data speeds for that person will be reduced to 1.2mbps for the remainder of their bill cycle. Max speed Data limits will be reset at the start of the new bill cycle.
  • If a mate or family member wants to join the Group but has an existing interest-free phone, they will have to pay off the cost of the phone before joining the Group plan
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