IOU Talk & Text, Data and Combo Packs for Prepay plans

Our Prepay IOU Packs are here to save the day if you’re running a little short on funds but need to keep using your phone. Buy an IOU Pack from us to keep you going and pay us back when you next Top Up.

What are the IOU Packs?

If you’re short on credit and can't top up right now, you can continue to use 2degrees texts, minutes and data by buying one of our Prepay IOU Packs. Purchasing an IOU Pack lets you go into a negative credit balance, which you will pay back when you next Top Up.

There are three types of IOU Packs available: the $5 Combo, $3 NZ Data Pack and the $3 Talk & Text Pack. The IOU Packs are valid for 7 days and do not auto-renew.

IOU Packs

How do I get an IOU Pack?

Simply text the word ‘buy’ with the IOU Pack that you need to 288. 

  • To get the $3 Talk & Text IOU Pack, text 'buy 3Talk' to 288 
  • To get the $3 Data IOU Pack, text 'buy 3Data' to 288
  • To get the $5 Combo IOU Pack, text ‘buy 5Combo’ to 288

Things you need to know

  • Only available on Prepay
  • You need to have been a 2degrees Prepay customer for at least 45 days
  • You have made a minimum of 2 successful Top Ups
  • Packs only available for purchase when your balance is less than $6 but not below $0
  • If your account balance is below $0 you will need to Top Up before you can make any future purchases.
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