Manage reminder or marketing notifications from 2degrees

Why does 2degrees send me text notifications?

We get it – everyone wants to ‘be connected’. But what about those heaps of unwanted text messages from your brother’s chiropractor? Or emails from that online dating service you used two years ago? It can all be a bit much.

We want to keep you in the loop with what’s going on with your mobile, so from time to time we might send you a text or email. Usually it’s to let you know important stuff like if you’re running low on data or your Add-on has renewed. We try and keep these to a minimum so you can get on with your day.

If you see one of these texts it will either come from ‘2degrees’ or a short-code number starting with 2, such as 233.

Most of our customers find these little reminders helpful for managing their account. However, if you decide that they’re not for you, you can opt out from certain notifications (and opt back in at any time) – you’re in control.

Please note that you can't opt out of all service notifications, as sometimes we will need to be in touch about your plan, or a service we are providing you.

To stop notification messages via Your 2degrees

  1. Log into Your 2degrees
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select Manage Notifications
  4. Choose Connection Level Notifications
  5. You can edit notifications here by changing the Status to off
  6. Be sure you save your changes.

I want to keep getting low balance texts, but how do I stop getting marketing texts from 2degrees?

The next time you receive a text from us that introduces you to a new service or product, you can simply text STOP to 222. This will only stop marketing messages and we will still send service or balance notifications.

How do I stop getting low balance text messages?

If you have a low balance for data, calls and texts or you’re low on credit, you’ll get a friendly reminder from us, so you can easily manage your balance and your money.

If you want to stop any low balance notifications, text 'stop low' to 233, or manage the notifications you receive through Your 2degrees.

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