Change or update your account details

No matter which type of account you have with us, it’s important that your details are up to date so that we can get in touch with you.

You can update your contact email, postal address, number and login details, all by clicking on the person icon at the top right of the screen when you log in to Your 2degrees, and then by clicking Your Personal Details.

If you want to update your preferred name, you can also do this by clicking on Your Preferred Name.

For Pay Monthly and Business customers, we ask that you inform us of any official change to your business or personal name.

We promise to look after your details properly, as you’ll see in our Privacy Policy.

What account information can I manage?

How do I change my name on my Pay Monthly, Broadband or Business account?

If you’ve officially changed your personal or business name, please download a name change form and email together with proof of the name change to

If you have both broadband and mobile accounts with us, you only need to fill out the form once.

When to use the name change form:

  • You’re a Pay Monthly plan account holder
  • You’re a Broadband plan account holder
  • You've changed your personal or business name and want us to update your details

Download the Personal Account Name Change form 

Download the Business Account Name Change form 

Business account holders, please also see the Manage your Business Plan and Payments page.

Please allow three working days (from when we receive this fully completed form and proof document) for us to make the change. We’ll email you when it’s done, and you will be able to see the change in Your 2degrees.

How do I change my email or billing address?

To change your physical billing address, log in to Your 2degrees, go to Your Account, then Your Account Profile.

To update your billing email address (where your bill will be sent), log in to Your 2degrees, go to Settings, then Manage Notifications. The billing email address is then found in Billing Profile Notifications.

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