How to manage your Business mobile account and make payments

Managing your Business mobile account

Your Account Holder is the company's point of contact for all things 2degrees. If that's you and you wish to authorise another person to make changes on your behalf, you can do this at any time by calling our Business Customer Care Team.

The easiest way to manage your account is in Your 2degrees. Simply set yourself up with a password and you can manage your account online from anywhere at any time. If you're the Account Holder, we'll send you your temporary password in your welcome email.

Set up Spend Control for Business

Use your work mobile without the fear of blowing your budget or any unexpected surprises at the end of the month. This nifty feature helps manage the amount each of your connections can spend outside of plan and interest-free phone charges. Set up Spend Control for Business now.

What to expect from your first business or corporate mobile bill

Your first invoice is pro-rated from the date your account is activated to the date of your first bill.

Please note that for this first part month, voice and data balances for you and your Team Members may also be pro-rated.

Find out more about your Business Mobile Bill here.

If you’re with us on a Corporate account, find out about your Corporate Mobile bill here.

What’s my business account credit limit?

Your account credit limit is shared between all Team Members on your account. If you reach this credit limit, you and your team may not be able to use charged 2degrees services outside of your plan until payment is made.

How to pay your Business bill

The best way to pay your Business mobile account is by setting up a Direct Debit or a Credit Card Authority, but you can choose any of the below ways to pay your bill. Please note, we don’t accept cash or cheque payments and that a 1.75% Card Payment Fee applies to payment charges made using a credit card or debit card.

Set up a Direct Debit Authority

It's easy to set up a Direct Debit Authority, you can do this in Your 2degrees. Just complete the online form and we'll do the rest.

Pay automatically each month by credit or debit card

A simple way to always pay your bill on time is to set up an automatic monthly payment with a Credit Card Authority (CCA). This means that you give us the authority to charge your credit or debit card each month on an agreed day. Set one up now in Your 2degrees. A 1.75% fee applies to payments made using a credit or debit card.

Pay by internet banking

Pop onto your bank's Internet banking page and either make a one-off payment, or set up an automatic payment. An automatic payment is a great way of making sure your bill is always paid on time. The instructions on how to do this for each bank can be found on our Internet banking page.

Pay any Business account using our online payment tool

Make a one-off payment for any 2degrees Business account with a credit or debit card. All you'll need is the 2degrees account number that you would like to make a payment for. It's easy, fast and secure. Make a one-off payment now.

Pay manually by credit or debit card

You can pay your bill with a credit or debit card in Your 2degrees, or by dialling 201 with your account number and credit/debit card handy. A 1.75% fee applies to payments made using a credit or debit card.

Make a payment at any NZ Post Shop

To pay your 2degrees bill at an NZ Post Shop, simply have your account number on hand. If you're not sure what your account number is, call 8355 from your 2degrees phone and we'll give it to you over the phone.

Change your Team Members or Business plan

We know that your business can change at any time. 2degrees Business gives you the flexibility to change your plan for anybody in your team, as well as add or remove Team Members at any time.

You may request that a Team Member be added or removed under your Business account at any time.

Because we charge for services after you use them (in arrears), and the month’s allocations already given cannot be retrospectively removed, you may only change a connection’s plan once per billing cycle. If you change a connection's plan during the month, you will receive a part charge for the number of days each plan was active.

If a connection has an interest-free phone on the plan and moves to a plan that is not set up for Interest-free phone repayments, the remaining amount owed is charged to the next bill.

Your Account Holder can request to change your plan by contacting your Business Sales Consultant or by calling our Business Care Team on 0800 022 249.

How to change your business name on your account

If your company has changed its name, just let us know by completing our Business Name Change form and email to We'll include your new name on your 2degrees Business Account.

Download Business Name Change form

Closing or terminating your Business Plan

Our Business Choice plans are open term, so there are no termination charges. If you have a different business plan, please call us on 0800 022 249 before you decide to terminate or change your plan.

Keep in mind if you are paying off a mobile phone, terminating the number will trigger the mobile to be paid out in full. Give us a call if you would like to double check these details.

Terms and Conditions for Business Plans

For your reading pleasure, here are the general 2degrees Business Terms and Conditions and Business Account Terms & Conditions. Any other specific terms and conditions that may be applicable to your Plan will be found in Your 2degrees.

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