Spend Control for Business

What is Spend Control for Business?

Spend Control is pretty much exactly what it says it is. Think of it as a way to ensure you or your employees don't unexpectedly overspend. When you've set Spend Control, we'll notify you via text when you're within $10 of your Spend Control limit. Spend Control is set and works at connection level it limits a connection's spend rather than across the account.

Spend Control example

If you're on a $45 Business Choice plan and want to spend no more than $70 (incl. GST) per month, you should set your Spend Control to $25.

How do I set up Spend Control for Business?

To set up or manage your own Spend Control, call our Business Care Team on 0800 022 BIZ (0800 022 249). This needs to be done by a Team Member who has appropriate permissions. If you do not have permission, please discuss your limit with your Account Holder.

How Spend Control for Business works

Spend Control limits a connection's spend per bill cycle outside of the plan and the monthly charge for your Interest-free phone, if you've got one. Once it's set up, we'll send you a text to let you know if you get within $10 of your limit. You can then decide if you want to increase your limit for the month.

Spend Control Terms and Conditions apply.

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