Safety and security on the internet

2degrees monitors any security issues closely and works with suppliers to ensure the services we provide you are reliable and secure. 

How do I stay safe from security risks?

The best defence is to update the security of your device (mobile phone or computer). You can turn on auto-updates to ensure you have up-to-date improvements.

Be aware of where you browse and only make online purchases from secure sites and on secure connections to the internet. Websites that begin with http are not as secure as websites that start with https (the ‘s’ stands for secure). You may want to avoid accessing http websites while you’re connected to WiFi. Public WiFi spots that are not accessed by password can be more vulnerable to security hacks.

If you’re really concerned about internet safety, you can always turn off WiFi, and plug your computer directly into your modem via ethernet cable.

What is the Krack WiFi issue?

Krack is a worldwide WiFi security vulnerability identified in 2017. This weakness had the potential to allow attackers acting inside the WiFi range to read data passing between a device and their router or WiFi connection.

If you have one of our 2degrees modems, you are not affected by this vulnerability. The modems we supply do not use the affected 802.11r WiFi version.

There are no known Krack breaches, internationally or locally – this includes 2degrees customers

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