How Business Roaming works

There’s no more buying local SIMs, logging into your self-care portal or contacting your account manager while you’re away; and, although you may see the local telco's name on your phone instead of 2degrees, your phone number won’t change. Colleagues and family in New Zealand can use your regular number to contact you just about anywhere you are in the world.

Activate Business Roaming

When you arrive in your overseas destination and turn off flight mode on your phone and connect to a cellular network, you’ll receive a welcome text from us that will indicate whether you can access 2degrees roaming services.*

For most destinations, you don’t need to do anything else, but for destinations where you need to purchase a data Add-on, follow the instructions in the welcome text to enable data roaming.

Start roaming!

*Tablet or iPad users will not receive a welcome text. In Daily Business Roaming destinations, roaming services will be activated upon turning off flight mode on your device. In Business Roaming Add-On destinations, you will need to insert the device’s SIM card into a mobile phone and text Y to 237 to purchase the data Add-on.

Using Business Roaming

When you travel overseas and use your device, you’ll be charged business roaming rates based on which destination you’re in – see below for more info and please note that cruise-ship or in-flight roaming incur different charges.

Overseas use of voicemail will incur extra costs or trigger a daily charge (as applicable). To help you avoid unwanted costs, we'll automatically turn off your Voicemail when you head overseas. If you want to use Voicemail while overseas, please arrange this before your departure.

When you land back in New Zealand, we'll automatically detect that you're home, and you'll return to your regular plan use.

Business Roaming Rates

Click on the links below to see what the roaming rate is for the destination you’ll be visiting. If you’re unable to find your destination in these lists, please use the search function above to see if roaming service is available.

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