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What is an eSIM?

An eSIM module is a built-in chip inside your smartphone. Unlike a physical SIM card which you have to insert into your phone, this eSIM module comes pre-installed with your device and lets you download one or more eSIM profiles. Each profile will have its own number and mobile plan.

Why is 2degrees launching eSIM now?

We are always looking at broadening our range of services as they become more popular and to meet growing customer needs. We know that customers are interested in the capabilities offered by eSIMs and we are excited to launch the first phase of this now. Our eSIM offering is currently available for Business customers with an active Business plan. This will be available for use on smartphones and tablets that support eSIM.

How does an eSIM work?

An eSIM works by downloading a profile onto the chip built into your phone. You download the profile by scanning a QR code we give you. This profile first needs to be activated which links it to a mobile number and mobile plan. The eSIM chip can store multiple profiles but only one* of them can be active at a time. For example, you might have your 2degrees plan on one profile, and if you travel often to Australia, you might also have an Australian eSIM profile. This way, when you are in Australia, you can activate your Australian eSIM profile.

When you use an eSIM your phone can also become Dual-SIM capable. You could have one mobile plan on your eSIM and another one on the physical SIM with both SIMs being active simultaneously.

*The iPhone 13 range are the only phone models launched so far that allow two different eSIM profiles to be active at the same time.

Who can use a 2degrees eSIM?

eSIMs are available to 2degrees Business customers who have an active 2degrees Business plan. Through eSIMs, we aim to give our customers the flexibility of dual SIMS. eSIMs also add to the ease of our Business customers who can now choose to have separate business and personal mobile numbers on one device.

Is my device eSIM capable?

A number of recent model smartphones support eSIM including:

iPhone: iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, all iPhone 11, 12 & 13 ranges, iPhone SE 2020 and SE 2022

Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S20, S21 and S22 ranges (excluding FE models), Note20 and Note20 Ultra, Fold, and Flip models

OPPO: Oppo Find X3 Pro, Find X5, Find X5 Pro

iPad: iPad 7th gen (2019) and later, iPad Mini 5th gen (2019) and later, iPad Air 3rd gen (2019) and later, and Apple iPad Pro 3rd gen (2018) and later.

How do I download and activate my eSIM?

For customers on a 2degrees Business Plan, you’ll need to be set up by your Business Account Manager.

In both cases, you will receive an eSIM voucher with a QR code printed on it. Once you have this code, you’ll need to follow a few easy steps on your iPhone or Android phone to get setup.

iPhone - eSIM setup
Android - eSIM setup

Sometimes after the eSIM has been downloaded, you may need to go back into the eSIM settings and tap Enable or Activate on your eSIM profile. You may also need to put your phone into and then out of Flight mode. Once you’re done, you can use your phone for all your mobile services just as you would if you had inserted a physical SIM.

Handy tip: We recommend that you put the QR code for your eSIM in a handy place so that you can locate it in future if you ever need to download the eSIM profile again

Can an eSIM have more than one connection?

An eSIM can store more multiple profiles, but only one profile can be active at a time. The current exceptions to this are the iPhone 13 models that allow two different eSIM profiles to be active at the same time. All eSIM phones also allow for one eSIM and one physical SIM to be active together. Some Samsung and OPPO phones allow for two physical SIMs to be active (each with their own connection), or one eSIM and one physical SIM active at the same time.

Why can’t I scan my QR code to download the eSIM?

Please ensure you have a device that supports eSIM. Some phones allow you to scan the eSIM QR code directly from your phone’s camera. But if your phone doesn’t allow you to do so, you might need to scan the QR code from the mobile settings of your phone instead. The location of these settings varies slightly depending on whether you’re using an iPhone or Android device.

Why am I not able to get service on my new phone’s eSIM?

It could be because your plan wasn’t correctly set up for your eSIM before you downloaded it using the QR code. You may need to toggle flight mode ON and OFF to fix this. Sometimes after the eSIM has been downloaded, you may need to go back into the eSIM settings and tap Enable or Activate on your eSIM profile. If you’re still having issues after this, please reach out to Business Support on 0800 022 249.

Can I reuse a QR code once it has been scanned?

The eSIM profile can only be downloaded using the same QR code only via the device that was first used to download it. If you need to move your plan to another phone, you’ll need to contact Business support on 0800 022 249 to do a SIM swap.

Can I use my eSIM overseas?

Yes, you can use your eSIM overseas just like you use your physical SIM.

Can I access the 2degrees 5G network with my eSIM?

Yes. All you have to ensure is that your handset is 5G capable and within our 5G network coverage.

Can I use my eSIM for WiFi calling and hotspotting?

Yes, you can. WiFi calling and hotspotting are dependent on your device and the mobile plan you’re on, rather than the SIM.

What do I do if my eSIM profile gets deleted or is missing?

  • Find the original QR code
  • Scan the QR code using the same device you used earlier
  • This will trigger another download of the same eSIM profile

NOTE: You cannot use the original QR code with any other device.

Can I move my eSIM profile to another device?

Yes, you can by going through a SIM swap. Here’s how:

  • Business customers can call us on 0800 022 249 or If you’re overseas, dial +64 22 200 2000
  • A 2degrees agent will swap your connection onto another eSIM profile and give you a new QR code
  • You download this new profile by scanning the new QR code on your new device from your phone’s settings
  • If you want to move your connection back on to a physical SIM, our staff in-store can help with that too

What happens if I lose my phone or send it away for repair?

You will need to get 2degrees to do a SIM swap for you onto another eSIM or onto a physical SIM to use in another device. Business customers can do this by calling Business Support on 0800 022 249.

Can I transfer my eSIM to a different mobile network?

Your physical eSIM itself cannot be moved from your device. However, you can transfer your mobile number on an eSIM to a different mobile network. When you move your number over, you will need to get a fresh QR code from your new mobile network and set up a new profile on your eSIM.

Does the eSIM have PIN and PUK codes?

Yes, there’s PIN and PUK code like the physical SIM.

Can I store contacts on my eSIM?

No, your eSIM cannot be used to store contacts.

Can I download an eSIM for my wearables?

At this stage, our eSIM doesn’t support wearables. We are working on the next phase which will include eSIMs for wearables. But this too is still being developed and will take some time before it rolls out.

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