What to do if you’re being bullied

2degrees does not tolerate bullying in any shape or form. We've worked with NetSafe and other New Zealand networks to make sure we have clear policies and procedures for dealing with mobile and cyber or online bullying.

What is mobile/online bullying?

Any type of repetitive texting, emailing, calling, picture messaging or post that takes place on a digital device and makes you feel threatened, offended or harassed.

2degrees takes this type of behaviour very seriously, and we have steps in place to prevent bullying on our network.

What to do if you’re being bullied or harassed.

The following are guidelines from NetSafe:

1. Don’t reply

  • Often the sender will get bored and stop sending messages if they don’t get a response.
  • More importantly, following the agreed industry policy, you need to have received four unreplied to, unwanted messages before we can take action. So, no matter how angry and upset you may feel, it’s really important not to write/call the person bullying you back.
  • You should never respond to a text from an unknown number.
  • If you are receiving unwanted texts or calls, there are ways to block a number in the settings of most mobile phones.

2. Do speak to a trusted friend or family member for support

  • It’s important that you tell someone early on, who can give you advice.

3. Keep the unwanted messages so you can report them

  • We need this information so we can help you do something about it.

4. Let us know

  • If within the last 7 days you have received 4 or more unwanted, unreplied to messages or calls, please let us know by calling 200 on your mobile. We will investigate and can take appropriate action to stop the bullying – this may be in the form of a warning, barring or even deactivating the customer depending on the situation.
  • If the bullying is coming from another mobile network, we have an agreement with Vodafone and Spark to do what we can to stop it.

5. Important: Threatening messages

  • If you get a message that threatens harm to you, your family or your property, this is a criminal offence. You should report this immediately to your local Police station.

For further information and advice, visit www.netsafe.org.nz.

Students can find lots of anti-bullying resources at Bullying Free NZ website: bullyingfree.nz.

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