JB Hi-Fi Plans Terms and Conditions

2degrees JB Plans Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to customers on 2degrees JB Plans and apply in addition to our 2degrees Carryover and Endless Plans Terms and Conditions – from 23 January 2023, Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions, Group Account (Free Calling Group) Terms and Conditions (for Family Plans), 2degrees Data Clock Terms and Conditions, Fair Use Policy and any other specific terms and conditions applying to your Plan or Account with 2degrees. You have accepted these terms and conditions by signing up to your 2degrees JB Plan.

JB Gift card

  1. Gift cards are only available to new 2degrees Pay Monthly customers who sign up to a JB plan. If you switch from another 2degrees Pay Monthly plan to a 2degrees JB plan you are not eligible to receive a gift card.
  2. The value of the gift card is repayable on a pro-rated basis if you end or change your plan within 12 months of signing up to your 2degrees JB Plan in accordance with the Table below. Any amounts repayable should be applied to your next Bill. Refer to the table below which sets out the amount repayable depending on the number of months after you signed up to the applicable JB Plan that you end or downgrade your plan.
  3. The amounts repayable apply to each plan you received a gift card for including each Family Plan. For example, if you end 4 JB plans (1 Account plan and 3 Family Plans) within 12 months you will need to repay the pro-rated amount for each of the 4 gift cards.
  4. If you change an eligible JB Plan within 12 months of signing up the applicable gift card is not replaced with a gift card of the value of the gift card that applied to that eligible JB Plan you have changed to.
  5. One gift card per eligible JB plan.
  6. The gift card or any remaining balance on a gift card cannot be returned and is otherwise non-transferrable and cannot be taken as cash.


jb hifi table 1
jb hifi - table 2

Family plans

  1. Family plans are not available on $45 JB plans.

Interest Free Phone promotions on 2degrees branded plans

  1. JB Plans are not eligible plans for the purposes of 2degrees Interest Free phone promotional offers.

Endless and Unlimited Plan allocations

  1. The Fair Use Policy applies to all Endless and Unlimited Plan texts, calls and data allocations, see Fair Use Policy. Please ensure that you have read and understood this policy (which also forms part of the Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions and is published by us at 2degreesmobile.co.nz/fairusepolicy). We may take action if we consider your use of Endless NZ Data breaches the Fair Use Policy.
  2. If you exceed your allocated Endless data allowance during a billing month your maximum data speeds reduce to 1.2 Mbps until your next applicable billing month and hotspotting speeds may be reduced further during periods of network congestion. Your experience will be impacted at reduced speeds. Reduced max speeds will also apply on a per person/plan basis to any JB Family Plan members on your account.
  3. At reduced max speeds you can mostly use your data on your phone the same as before including listen to music, browse online, Zoom call, stream, download stuff, watch movies but the image quality will be lower (particularly hotspotting to a big screen), it’s not suitable for HD video, there may be buffering/interruptions, some high speed gaming and applications may not work and loading large files may take longer. Click here for more details.
  4. Endless/unlimited NZ Data may be used for hotspotting and standard personal use only. You must not use Endless/unlimited NZ Data for machine-to-machine communications; or in a manner that interferes with our ability to provide quality service to other users; or commercial type activities; or any other similar activity that we consider to be non-standard personal usage (Restricted Activities). If, acting reasonably, we think, you’re using our services for Restricted Activities we may ask you to stop using our services in that manner. If you ignore us or misuse or interfere with our Network the Service may be slowed, reprioritised, suspended, terminated, or restricted and your Plan could be suspended or terminated immediately with notice.
  5. Refer to the 2degrees Carryover and Endless Plans Terms and Conditions – from 23 January 2023 for further details relating to our Pay Monthly Plans which include our JB Plans.