Set up and use the 2degrees App

What can I do on the 2degrees App?

Our clever tech gurus have created an app that allows you to manage your mobile account in the one easy place. If you also have a broadband account with us, this little app is the bee's knees because it gives you the power to check and pay bills or add more to both your phone and broadband accounts right from your phone.

  • Check your Prepay and Pay Monthly balances
  • View a breakdown of your Pay Monthly bills
  • See your calls, text and data usage in our easy-to-read graphs
  • Manage your Add-Ons (including Roaming)
  • Check and change your Pay Monthly Spend Control
  • Manage your Shared Data and Sharing Controls
  • Turn on Autopay for Prepay Plans and Add-ons
  • Manage your payment credit or debit cards
  • Manage your broadband account. Not with us for broadband yet? Check out our broadband plans.
  • Check your Pay Monthly Interest Free Phone details, including how many payments you've got left
  • Top Up your own or someone else's Prepay number with a credit card, POLi or voucher
  • Reset your 2degrees PIN (you'll need this if you call us)

How do I get the 2degrees App?

You can download the app free below (standard data charges may apply).

App Store







Google Play Store







How do I get started on the 2degrees App?

To use the 2degrees App, you first need to register with Your 2degrees, as you'll use the same login details for the App.

We're always updating and improving our App to add new features and squash bugs. You can check which version of the App you have by visiting the Google Play or App store.

To get the best experience from our App and its features, we recommend you always have latest version of it installed on your phone, as well as keeping your device's operating system updated to the latest version available.


  • iOS8 users will be able to get older versions of our App: Versions 44.2
  • iOS9 and above users will be able to get the newer versions of our App Versions 4.3 and above.
  • To update your iPhone's operating system, select Settings > General > Software Update and follow the steps.


  • 4.9 and above users will be able to get App version 4.9 and above

Does the 2degrees App use or charge data when I use it?

No, the 2degrees App is free if you're accessing it using your 2degrees SIM card and you're in New Zealand. However, if you're connected via your home WiFi, the App will use broadband allowance just like any other site that you browse on your phone.

Does the 2degrees App work on tablets?

Yes, the App will work on iPads or Android tablets. However, as it's been designed for phones, the resolution on larger screens may not be as sharp. iPads will require iOS8 or above and Android devices will need to be using version 4.1 or above.

Can I manage my 2degrees Broadband account within the 2degrees App?

Yes, if you have a broadband account with us as well as a 2degrees Prepay or Pay Monthly Plan you can manage your broadband account in the 2degrees App, if you don't have a mobile account with us, the best way to manage your broadband plan is by logging into Your 2degrees.

To log into your broadband account within the mobile app, you need to log in first via your mobile account.

Once logged in, you'll see Broadband as a menu item on the home screen. You'll need to log in to the Broadband section in order to access your dashboard.

From the Broadband menu, you can find the following features:

  • Summary of broadband account including data usage, broadband plan and billing details
  • Extras or Add-ons including Prime, home phone landline or modem
  • Your payment history and how to make a payment
  • Your profile details

I manage multiple 2degrees numbers, do I need separate App logins for each account?

No, you only need the one easy login to manage multiple 2degrees phone numbers. Log in to the App using the email address and password you use for Your 2degrees, then select which account and connection you wish to manage. You can switch between connections using the Menu button.

How do I change my PIN on my 2degrees App?

You can change your 4-digit PIN within the 2degrees app, in Your 2degrees or by calling 200 from your 2degrees mobile.

To make your PIN hard to guess, you can't use sequential numbers (1234) or easy to guess patterns like 2480 or 5555. We also recommend not using your date of birth.

Change your app PIN via 2degrees App

  1. Log in with 'Your 2degrees' details
  2. Tap on the Menu icon
  3. Click on Your Account
  4. Select PIN Reset and follow the prompts

Change your app PIN in Your 2degrees

  1. Log in to Your 2degrees
  2. Select the person icon in the top right of the screen
  3. Choose Your Personal Details
  4. Click on Your PIN Number and follow the prompts to reset

Change your app PIN by calling 200

  1. Dial 200 from your 2degrees phone
  2. Select option 1 for mobile
  3. Select option 5 for change PIN
  4. Select option 2 and follow the prompts

Easy! If you have any issues with the above call us on 200 from your phone or 0800 022 022 so a Customer Care Operator can assist.

Why can't I reset my password when using a tablet?

To reset your Your 2degrees password, you're sent a temporary password via text. Tablets cannot receive texts, so you'll need to pop your SIM from your tablet into a mobile phone, or call us on 200 and we'll help you out.

Why can't I see sharing calls and texts in the 2degrees App?

We've made sharing super easy to use in the 2degrees app, so if you can't see it, there could be a few reasons why.

  • You're not on an eligible Pay Monthly Plan. To share your calls and texts with someone you'll need to have Unlimited* Calls and Texts to New Zealand and Aussie as part of your Pay Monthly Plan.
  • You're on Prepay. Unfortunately, you can't share your calls and texts on Prepay, so you won't see the option in the App. You'll need to be on an eligible Pay Monthly Plan.
  • You haven't got the latest version of our app installed. Visit the App Store or Google Play store to update to the latest version.

Feedback and comments about the 2degrees App

Please let us know your comments or feedback about the App by emailing

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