With the Data Clock app installed, you can purchase timed pockets of data

We all want to stream data on the go, without worrying about how much we'll have left. Luckily, 2degrees has sussed a solution to solve your data worries: Data Clock is your new best friend.

Data Clock lets you buy data by the minute, instead of the megabyte. Because let's be honest how many people know how many megabytes a five-minute video or 20-minute podcast is anyways? Now you can buy a time-based pack to last you an hour, three hours or even 24 hours. Perfect for the commute, the lunch break, or a weekend away.

Plus, every day you get a Free Data Hour. Yes, you read that right. If you have an active Pay Monthly plan or Prepay plan and register on the Data Clock app, you'll get an hour of free data per day. Please note that Free Data Hours do not carry over and will expire if they aren't used each day.

Who can get Data Clock?

Data Clock is an app that lets 2degrees Prepay customers on $10 plans and above, Pay Monthly customers on $35, $45, $60 Carryover plans and $75 Endless plans buy data for however long they need it.

*Fair Use Policy applies. See Data Clock Terms and Conditions for full terms.

How do I download Data Clock?

  1. If you're on an Android device, head to Google Play, iOS users, please make your way to the App Store and click download. Huawei users can find the app in the Huawei gallery.
  2. Once downloaded, you'll need to register with your 2degrees phone number.

How do I grab a time-based pack on Data Clock?

Once you're in the Data Clock app, you'll see several different packs on your home screen. Flick between these packs and choose the time amount that you're looking for. Once found, tap the pack and a timer will appear, counting down the time you have left on your pack. Please note that once you've started a pack, you can't pause it so make sure you only buy the time amount you need.

As soon as you start a Data Clock pack, all your other data usage will be paused so that you don't keep chewing through your plan or add-on data.

Once the pack has run out of time, you can choose to add another pack or go back to your normal plan or add-on data allowance. It's your call.

How do I pay for a time-based pack on Data Clock?

If you're on a Prepay plan, your phone's credit balance will be updated on the Data Clock app so you can see how much credit you have left. Simply refresh the homepage once you've purchased to see your most up-to-date balance.

If you're on Pay Monthly, the cost of the pack will be added to your Pay Monthly bill at the end of the month. If you have Spend Control set up, please check to see your Data Clock purchase doesn’t trigger your limit. Once your Spend Control limit is triggered, you won’t be able to buy any more time-based packs on Data Clock.

Are there any limits to my data use?

We're all about fighting for fair and we want to ensure the 2degrees network is fast and easy to use for everyone, not just some who hog the fast lane. That's why Data Clock Max speeds are reduced to 1mbps after 40GB/month. Hotspotting speeds may also be reduced further during periods of network congestion.

On reduced data speeds, you can continue to use your phone for music, browsing, social media, video calling and streaming. However, your online experience will be impacted. At reduced data speeds, video will automatically play at SD quality instead of HD quality and web pages may take a wee bit longer to load, but your phone will not run out of data. The speed you experience may vary based on your location, current network congestion and mobile device. For more on this, see our Data usage page.

Does Data Clock use my mobile data?

No, we've made sure that using the Data Clock App while you're in New Zealand is zero-rated. You don't need to be connected to WiFi, and will not be charged for data used by the app.

When I use Data Clock, in which order is data used?

Any data you've purchased with Data Clock will be used first. As soon as you start a Data Clock pack, all your other data usage will be paused so that you don't keep chewing through your plan or add-on data. Your data will be used in this order:

  • Data Clock
  • Add-on data
  • Data included in your plan
  • Carryover data
  • Shared data

Why isn't my Data Clock App working?

Data Clock not ticking along like it should be? There are a few things you can check to get back on track.

  • Please make sure you've updated to the latest Android or iOS software version for your device
  • Check that you've updated to the latest version of the Data Clock App (go to the Google Play, Huawei Gallery or App Store, search for Data Clock, if you see the message to update, then that should solve the problem).
  • Uninstall the app and re-install it, then login
  • De-register from the Data Clock in Settings, then re-register
  • If these changes don't help, please give our Care Team a call on 0800 022 022
  • Each time we release an update of our Data Clock App, it goes through both Apple and Google's application vetting processes that help ensure users download virus-free apps. If your device has been 'jailbroken' or 'rooted', Data Clock will not work on your device.

Why does Data Clock require permissions in my phone?

The Data Clock App requires certain permissions from you and your device in order to offer you the best data services at the right times. The 2degrees Data Clock does not inspect or collect the actual data content.

Keeping you and your data anonymous and private is important to us and will be subject to our Privacy Policy.

What happens if I want to purchase more Data Clock data?

Data Clock allows you to stack Time Sessions together. So, if you already have one hour of Data Clock data and then purchase another one hour, you would have two hours in your Time Session to use.

What phones are compatible with the Data Clock App?

The Data Clock app should be compatible with most smartphones, using the following minimum Android and iOS software versions:

  • Android 5+
  • iOS 10+

Data Clock will not work on Windows devices, or 'jailbroken' and 'rooted' phones.

Why can't I use Casual Data with Data Clock installed?

Once you make your first Data Clock purchase, you'll no longer be able to consume data at standard rates (where you'll pay by the Megabyte rather than by a timed session). This is because we want to help you avoid any unwanted costs building up.

I have a Prepay balance, why can't I purchase Data Clock data?

If you're on an eligible Prepay plan and can't get some Data Clock goodness, your Prepay balance in the Data Clock App may need to be refreshed. You can do this by:

  • Tapping the Profile Icon, then tap your balance to update it.
  • Restarting the Data Clock app
  • Topping up your Prepay balance

Can I pause a Data Clock Time Session?

No, time sessions cannot be paused. Your time session begins as soon as you complete the purchase.

You'll see the time remaining of your session ticking down in the Data Clock App. You can't pre-purchase Data Clock data to start later, so make sure you're ready to get streaming once you've bought it.

Data Clock Data is purchased upfront using your Prepay credit or debited to your Pay Monthly account and is unable to be turned off once purchased

I've uninstalled Data Clock, why can't I use data on casual rates?

Uninstalling the Data Clock App does not unregister you from the service. To unregister:

  • Re-install the Data Clock App and log in
  • Tap the Portrait icon in the App
  • Scroll to and tap Unregister, then tap again to confirm
  • You will be logged out of the App and will be able to use data by the Megabyte again.

Or you can call our Care Team on 0800 022 022 who can unregister you.

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