How do I get Fibre installed & how much does it cost?

If Fibre is in your area and you don’t already have a Fibre connection, it’s simple – and usually free – to get connected.

How do I get Fibre installed to my premises?

Once you're signed up to 2degrees Broadband and we've confirmed you can get Fibre at your address, the installation process is usually as simple as A.B.C.

New Fibre installs require the Fibre optic network cable connections to be laid from the property boundary to the exterior wall of your home, and then an ONT box to be installed on an interior wall.

2degrees is your broadband provider, we buy the Fibre connections from the wholesale provider (Local Fibre Company). We will guide you through the process of getting Fibre, request the Fibre installation through the wholesaler, keep you updated on the installation process, and troubleshoot any issues you may have after the installation.

The Fibre-optic cable installation is done by a separate company, referred to as a Local Fibre Company (LFC) who own the Fibre network. Depending on where you live, your LFC could be one of these companies: Chorus, Enable, Northpower Fibre, Ultrafast Fibre, Network Tasman Fibre, Unison Fibre or EA Networks.

Once you select a date for the Fibre technician to come and discuss your installation with you, the A.B.C installation process begins.

  1. Agree Stage: A Fibre technician meets you at the premises to assess the installation, identify any issues, and agree on how the installation will occur. This stage generally takes approximately one hour, and you will need to be present.
  2. Build Stage: The technician builds the Fibre infrastructure that is required from the street to the premises. In most cases, you do not need to be present for this visit, as the work will be completed as already discussed in the 'Agree' stage.

    If the address is in a new subdivision, often the 'Build' stage will have been completed as part of the initial wiring. It pays to check this with your building company or electrician as you can then skip a few steps in the Fibre installation process. If you’re building a new property, check out the information below for wiring for Fibre in new builds or renovations.
  3. Connect Stage: The technician visits the address to complete the internal installation of the ONT. It is important that the landlord or decision-maker is present at this stage to confirm that everything is working correctly and that the services are installed to your approval and as agreed. Please allow up to four hours for this visit.

    We will then send you a text when your Fibre is being connected and another text to let you know that you can plug your modem in and connect your devices to the internet. Easy!

How much does it cost to install Fibre?

In most cases a standard Fibre installation is free, however, this is for a limited time. Fibre installation is subsidised by the government as part of New Zealand's Ultra-Fast Broadband programme – a multi-year project which is due for completion at the end of 2020.

Standard installation mainly refers to a connection that travels less than 200m to the premises (e.g. your driveway from the road is less than 200m long).

If your connection is classified as ‘non-standard’, there may be costs involved, such as for any extra wiring or electrical work that may be required. Your Local Fibre Company will provide you with a quote prior to completing any work, and you can decide whether or not to go ahead.

Non-standard work can include:

  • Requesting a different type of install option from the road to the property. For example, if you remove an existing aerial cable and replace it with an underground cable.
  • Getting the ONT moved after it's been installed, if you change your mind.
  • If you reside in a business premises, or your residential premises is more than 200m from the street, there may be installation charges for your Fibre installation.

I’m building or renovating my home, how do I ensure the wiring I’m installing is suitable for 2degrees broadband services?

Installing the right wiring in your home can ensure you make the most of your Broadband connection. The NZ Telecommunications Forum (TCF) has released a guide for wiring installation. If you're getting work done on your internal wiring or building or renovating a home, click the link to go to the TCF Consumer Guidelines, ‘Are you wiring for a smart home?

Chorus also have some helpful advice on wiring homes for Fibre.

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