Help signing up to 2degrees Broadband

How do I sign up to 2degrees Broadband?

You can sign up to 2degrees Broadband online or call us on 0800 022 022. We look forward to welcoming you to the family.

Do I need a modem?

When you join 2degrees on a contract accessing VDSL, ADSL, or Fibre broadband, we’ll sort you out with a free standard connection and send you a rental modem to use while you’re with us. The modem is free (with a one-off $15 delivery charge); you’ll just need to return it to us when you leave or a fee of up to $165 may apply.

Alternatively, you can choose to Bring Your Own Modem.

Keep in mind that when you use a 2degrees-supplied modem, it’s equipped with the latest patch against security risks and allows us to provide support for connecting and troubleshooting your broadband.

If you’d prefer no contract, you can join on an open-term plan. If you choose this option, you’ll need to pay $99 for your broadband connection, and if you choose a 2degrees modem, $165 for the modem.

I already have a modem, can I use it instead of the new 2degrees one? 

Yes, you can – we call this a BYO modem – as long as the modem is capable of supporting VLAN tagging and PPPoE authentication for VDSL or Fibre broadband. You will also need to set it up using the network settings we provide.

If you decide not to use the 2degrees modem, the support we can provide may be limited.

Read more on how to use your BYO modem with 2degrees services here.

How long will it take to get 2degrees Broadband connected at my house?

If your current connection type is staying the same and you're simply switching to 2degrees Broadband, then getting you connected should usually take 3–4 working days provided we have everything we need to get you connected.

If you're changing to a different connection type (ADSL/VDSL/Fibre) or getting a new connection installed, then the time it takes to get broadband up and running at your house will depend on the broadband connection type available at your address.

A new standard DSL connection can take between 5–10 working days, and a standard Fibre install up to 30 working days. As soon as we know your connection date, we’ll send you a text confirming when you will be connected.

We'll send you another text letting you know when your broadband line is activated so you can plug your modem in and get streaming.

If you're having problems, check out our broadband troubleshooting guide, and if you’re still having problems, give our 2degrees Broadband Care team a call. 

Can I bring my existing landline number?

In many cases you’re able to keep your existing landline number. Let us know who your current provider is, your account number (found on one of your old bills from your current provider), and your phone number and we’ll arrange to have it transferred to us. In some cases, such as when you are moving suburb, we won’t be able to transfer your number. We’ll discuss this with you if this is the case.

If we do transfer your existing number over, you’ll just need to phone your old provider to cancel your account with them once we have you up and running.

When should I cancel my existing broadband service if I’m switching to 2degrees Broadband?

We’re not able to cancel your existing connection on your behalf. We recommend that you contact your existing provider to find out what your notice period is on your current connection and then give the required amount of notice to your existing provider to cancel your service.

You will need to mention that you are requesting a 'Transition of service' and not a disconnection. If you request a disconnection, it could significantly delay our ability to get you connected.

How does billing work once I sign up to 2degrees Broadband?

At sign-up you’ll be charged $15 for shipping of your modem (if you’re choosing to rent a modem from us). If you've chosen an open-term plan, you’ll also be charged for your modem and standard connection fee.

If you’re on a Business Broadband account, read more on how billing works for Business Broadband

As 2degrees Broadband is charged and billed in advance, once your broadband connection has been activated, you’ll receive your bill and be charged immediately for the first month of your plan. You'll note that your bill will be due on this day every month. We call this your billing anniversary.

Your billing anniversary serves as the start of each billing period, and as the invoice due date.

Shortly after this (around one week), you’ll receive your bill for your second month's plan charges, but don't worry, you have three weeks before this is due.

Each month your nominated credit card or bank account will be debited with the amount outstanding on your account on the due date detailed on your bill.

What are my payment options for broadband?

You'll need to have a credit card or Direct Debit Authority connected to your account when you sign up. This payment method will be charged each month on your billing due date.

If you want to pay with direct credit or automatic payment, you can do this before your bill is due and then your credit card/account won't be charged. Remember to allow a couple of working days for bank transfers or automatic payments to process, especially if public holidays are coming up.

Please note, a 1.75% Card Payment Fee applies to all broadband credit card payments. If you want to avoid this fee, one of the easiest ways to pay is via Your 2degrees

Find out about other ways to pay for your 2degrees services

Am I able to get a static IP with my home broadband connection?

All our home broadband connections get a private IP by default. For most households this is perfect. However, if you believe your household requires a Static IP, you can get one for $10 per month. Read more on IP addresses here.

I have ADSL or VDSL, what will I get with Wiring Maintenance?

Wiring at your address can experience wear and tear over time and may need repairing. For a small fee every month, our Wiring Maintenance service can cover the cost of such repair (only available on ADSL & VDSL services). It also covers a call-out fee if the technician is sent to confirm that it's a wiring issue and not a problem with the wholesaler's network.

An example of this might be repairs to internal wiring (including copper wiring) or faulty splitters. To read more about what this service covers, and what it doesn't cover, see our Terms and Conditions.

You can request to add the Wiring Maintenance service during sign up or via Your 2degrees Broadband at any time, and we will start it on your next 2degrees Broadband bill date.

When will my Broadband Add-ons be activated?

Your broadband connection will be activated as soon as you've been connected to the network and have plugged your modem in. Your landline and other add-ons will usually be connected at the same time, however, if you've been connected on a Friday or over the weekend, it may take up to two working days after activation.

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