Cyber Smart - Let’s UP our cyber security

With cyber security threats on the rise, all of us need to boost our online defences.
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Do your part to be Cyber Smart

2degrees is proud to support the New Zealand Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT NZ). An agency of the New Zealand government, CERT NZ’s primary goal is to improve cyber security in New Zealand. To help them achieve this, we’re partnering with them during Cyber Smart Week. Together, we aim to help Kiwis understand the need for online security and outline simple steps each of us can take to keep our private data and personal identity safe online.

Secure your online profiles

Your online profiles are as important as the key to your front door. Just as you wouldn’t leave your house keys on a park bench, here’s how to ensure you’re not leaving your online profiles up for grabs.

Upsize passwords

Your dog’s name might be an easy password to remember, but also easy for an attacker to guess. Longer, unique passwords are stronger. It’s also recommended you use different long passwords for each online account. That way, if an attacker gets into one of your accounts, they can’t get into the others as well.

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Upgrade to two-factor authentication

Two locks are better than one when it comes to securing your online profiles. Two-factor authentication makes it harder for attacker to get the verification code needed to access your online accounts, even if they somehow manage to get your password.

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Stay vigilant with your data

Our mobile phones, laptops and tablets are more than just tools. Today, they act as our photo albums, our bank accounts and as our data backup. Here’s some simple tips to ensure all this vital information stays safe.

Update devices and apps

Have you been ignoring that software update, just like the call from your mum last week? Then your device could be easier for attackers to break into. Software updates fix any known security issues that attackers may use, so be sure to update them regularly. Also, please call your mum back.

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Uphold privacy

Review the privacy settings of your social media accounts, change sharing to ‘Friends Only’ and never give out your personal info here. The more you share, the easier it is for attackers to guess your passwords. To see how we use your information, please review our Privacy Policy.

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Want to learn more about being Cyber Smart?

CERT NZ is designed to help Kiwis across New Zealand to improve their cyber security. To learn even more about how you can stay safe online, visit CERT NZ’s helpful website.

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