WiFi Extender

Get WiFi in your garage, the back office or anywhere your regular signal can’t reach. 2degrees WiFi Extender amplifies your modem’s range by repeating it’s signal across your property.

2degrees WiFi Extender - Diagram

Connect everyone

Stream or game in places far away from your modem without dodgy performance speeds. You can also beat signal-killing things like thick walls.

Clever coverage

Work around thick walls and other things (like microwaves) which weaken your WiFi signal.

Reach further

Get WiFi in places far away from your modem like garages, upstairs rooms or workshops out the back.

Pick your place

WiFi Extenders are portable units which repeat your signal to create an improved WiFi experience. Choose where you need more WiFi, wirelessly connect the extender to your modem and you’re away.

Simple setup

Connects like a wireless speaker for fast get up and go.

Move with you

Move the unit around to focus on different areas.

How do I get Wifi Extender?

New to 2degrees Broadband?

New customers need to sign up to a broadband plan before getting a WiFi Extender.
New Customer

Already with us?

Log into Your 2degrees and add it to your current broadband plan.
Existing Customer
Emoji - Satellite Antenna
Check your modem works with the WiFi Extender