How to get, check & set up your WiFi Extender

WiFi Extenders are designed to boost your modem’s WiFi signal to reach more of your home or office. They work with your 2degrees Broadband modem or with another Extender to create a Mesh WiFi network around your house.

If you experience WiFi blackspots in your home, or you lose signal in an upstairs bedroom, you’ll probably find that a WiFi Extender increases your wireless network range. Use the steps below to check your current modem’s compatibility with the WiFi Extender and follow the set-up instructions to get more oomph to your WiFi.  

A WiFi Extender will help you:

  • Tackle WiFi blackout zones around your home by bypassing walls and building materials that block WiFi signal
  • Significantly increase WiFi range; it can even expand into your backyard, so you can stream ‘How to’ videos in your shed and keep the sleepout connected
  • Maintain a stable signal and experience faster streaming speeds on all your wireless devices

How do I get a 2degrees WiFi Extender?

You can purchase the 2degrees WiFi Extender ($199 + $15 courier charge with a 30 day right of return if it doesn’t work for you) by logging into Your 2degrees and adding it to your next Broadband bill.  

We’ll include a return courier bag, so you can try it out on your network and if you aren’t happy with the results, you can send it back within 30 days for a refund of the $199 product charge. 

Check if your modem is compatible with the WiFi Extender

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If your 2degrees modem is 4+ years old, double check that it’s compatible with this extender before starting.


Most 2degrees modems (called ‘Fritzbox’ by the manufacturer) work with the 2degrees WiFi Extender, but a small number of modems more than four years old won’t work.

  • Please note that the 2degrees WiFi Extender will not work with your BYO modem or with Rural Broadband modems
  • To check if your modem is compatible, look on the bottom of the modem to see the model number. Look for the name ‘Fritz!Box xxxx’ where the xxxx is made up of 4 digits. 
  • If your modem has one of these numbers, it’s compatible with the WiFi Extender: 
    • 7490 
    • 7560 
    • 7590 
    • 7530
  • If you don’t have one of the above models, call us on 0800 022 022 and ask our Customer Care team to upgrade your Broadband modem. This newer modem will improve your WiFi coverage by itself, so check that first. If you’re still having issues with WiFi coverage with the new modem, then you should give the WiFi Extender a try.

How to set up your WiFi Extender to work with your existing broadband modem

There are three ways to set up and use your WiFi Extender depending on your requirements: WiFi to WiFi (most common set-up); hard-wired via Ethernet or LAN cables; or Extender to Extender (daisy chain). 

What you'll find inside the box

2degrees WiFi Extender

1x LAN or Ethernet cable

1x power cable


What do the lights mean?

WiFi quality light

2degrees Wifi Extender Light - Off

Good connection,
connected to your modem

2degrees Wifi Extender Light - Off

Weak WiFi signal

Modem connection has
been interupted

2degrees Wifi Extender Light - Off

WiFi disabled


Connection light 

2degrees Wifi Extender Light - Off

Connected to your modem

Flashing slowly
Ready to connect or no
WiFi connection

Flashing quickly
Starting up or updating

Set up your WiFi Extender using WiFi (the most common method)

Step 1

Plug your extender into a power socket in the same room as your modem. The Connection light will start to quickly flash green. Wait for the flashing to slow down – this will take a minute or so. 

Wifi Extender Setup Step 1
Step 2

Press the Connect button, the green light will start quickly flashing again 

Wifi Extender Setup Step 2
Step 3

Quickly go to your 2degrees modem and within 2 minutes, follow step a or b below – depending on which modem you have

  1. If your modem has a Connect/WPS button, press it once briefly. You’ll see the following lights flash together: Connect/WPS, Fon/DECT and WLAN.
  2. If your modem has a WLAN/WPS button, hold it down for about six seconds until the WLAN and DECT lights flash together 
Wifi Extender Setup Step 3
Step 4

After about 30 seconds, the Connection and WiFi Signal lights on your WiFi Extender will light up steadily (no flickering), which indicates that your WiFi Extender has successfully connected to your modem.

Wifi Extender Setup Step 4
Step 5

Positioning your WiFi Extender to get the most from your WiFi

Once your connection has been set up for the first time, you’re ready to move the WiFi extender to the best spot to improve your WiFi range. 

Unplug the power plug (don’t worry, the device will pick the connection back up), and move the device to roughly halfway between your modem, and the area where you start to see WiFi connection problems. It should be placed somewhere you still have a good WiFi signal.

The manufacturer of your WiFi extender has a handy app which can help find the best spot to position it. Scan the QR codes, or search ‘Fritz WLAN’ in the Google Play or Apple App store.

Once you’ve downloaded and setup the Fritz!App WLAN app:

  1. Click My repeaters.
  2. Click Evaluate repeater position.
  3. Move your WiFi extender following the app instructions.
Image - Wifi extender - Setup - Step 5 App Store


Image - Wifi extender - Setup - Step 5 Google Play

Set up your Extender using Ethernet or LAN cables

Some homes have Ethernet cables between rooms, or you might install a cable from your modem out to a sleepout, shed or garage. Once the cable is installed, follow these instructions:

  1. Connect one end of the LAN cable to the rear of your modem and the other end to the WiFi Extender located in the area you want to cover with WiFi
  2. Plug the WiFi Extender into a power socket
  3. Wait for WiFi Quality and Connect LED lights to light up
  4. Press the Connect button on the WiFi Extender, the Connect LED will start flashing fast
  5. Go to where your broadband modem is located and, depending on your modem model, press the WLAN/WPS or Connect/WPS button
  6. The two devices will now link together.

Set up Extender to Extender (daisy chain)

You can put more than one WiFi Extender in a single network to communicate with each other and optimise the network range for large buildings or those on multiple floors.  

  1. Plug the additional WiFi Extender into a power socket and turn on
  2. Wait for 1–2 mins for the Connect light to flash slowly
  3. Press the Connect button for six seconds (one, one thousand, two, one thousand, three, one thousand, four, one thousand, five one thousand, six one thousand)
  4. The Connect light will start to flash
  5. Go to the Extender already connected on your network and press the Connect button once
  6. Wait for the additional Extender to have stable WiFi and Connect lights
  7. On your modem, press the Connect button again once, and the WPS/Connect or WLAN/WPS (depending on your modem model) once to complete setup of the additional Extender into your Mesh WiFi network.
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