Emergency broadband installations during Covid -19 lockdown

At Alert Level 4, the government has confirmed that broadband and landline connections are considered essential services. So, the good news is our local Fibre company partners will continue to provide this service during this time.

Which customers can have Fibre installed at Alert Level 4?

  • If you are an essential worker or have medical requirements, your Fibre installation will be prioritised at Alert Level 4. One of our local Fibre company partners will reach out to you to confirm if you are an essential worker or need Fibre for medical requirements
  • No Fibre installations at retirement homes will be carried out at Alert Level 4
  • All other Fibre installation requests will be rescheduled to a later date after the lockdown has been lifted

What is the process to get Fibre installed?

If your Fibre installation qualifies to be installed at Alert Level 4, there are a few simple steps to get started:

  • Expect a call from one of our local Fibre company partners: This call is to confirm that you are either an essential worker or have medical requirements for Fibre.
  • Set up a date for installation: You will need to agree to a date and suitable time with a technician for the installation.
  • Maintain social distancing during their visit: To keep yourself and the technicians safe, please keep at least two meters away from any technicians when they visit your property and keep the area where they are working clear of people. Please wear a mask when the technician is in your home. The technician will use PPP as set out by the Ministry of Health.

What if my current Fibre connection needs repair?

  • Fault repairs will continue at Alert Level 4. If a technician needs to visit your home for the repair, you will be contacted by the service company. The technician will only visit your home once you answer the health and safety questions set out by the Ministry of Health
  • If you are an essential worker or have medical requirements, your repair request will be prioritised
  • Fault repairs to Fibre connections will also be carried out at retirement homes at Alert Level 4 while carefully maintaining the health and safety guidelines from the Ministry of Health

Intact Fibre installations will be staggered

If your connection is a new intact order (no technician is required to visit your home), we’ll continue to do our best to get you set up. However, due to limited resources and staff working from home, there might be some delays. 

Rebooking your Fibre installation due to potential Covid 19 exposure

  • If you or someone on your property is unwell, has Covid 19 symptoms, has been tested for Covid 19 and is waiting for the results, or has tested positive for Covid 19, please rebook your technician visit. The new date should be at least 14 days after everyone is your home is certified as being medically fit
  • You can rebook by contacting your local Fibre company directly. If your local Fibre company is Chorus, you can rebook using the Fibre Tracker
  • There's no charge to rebook your Fibre installation

Need more help? We’re here to talk

If you are unsure about whether your Fibre installation is going ahead and you are considered an essential worker, or have medical requirements, you can give us a call on 0800 022 022. If your query isn’t urgent please consider dropping us a note here.

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