Help with your Pay Monthly plan

How do I get my bill for my Pay Monthly mobile account?

You'll receive your monthly bill for your 2degrees Pay Monthly account via email on or after your billing date. Important details like how to make a payment, or the date payment is due are included on your bill.

We'll send you a text once your bill has been emailed to you, so you can keep an eye out for it in your inbox.

You can also find your bill online by logging into Your 2degrees. Once logged in, click on Your Bill and you'll see all your Pay Monthly bills. Click on the PDF icon to download your Pay Monthly bill.

Please note that we do not send bills via postal or snail mail.

How do I read my Pay Monthly bill?

We’re big fans of keeping things simple and fair, so read more on how to understand your Pay Monthly bill.

What is my Pay Monthly credit limit?

When you sign up for a 2degrees Pay Monthly plan, we set a credit limit for your account. Your credit limit is shared across all the connections on your account.

We’ll set your credit limit when you join Pay Monthly, and will let you know what it is in your welcome email.

If the account ever approaches the credit limit, we’ll let the account holder know so you can manage the account.

For the best control of your mobile bill, we recommend setting up a Spend Control limit to manage what you’re spending over and above your monthly plan charges.

What happens if I reach my Pay Monthly credit limit?

We know that there may be times when your account goes over its credit limit. If this happens, you – and anyone else on your account – will be unable to use charged 2degrees services outside of your plan until payment is made.

You also won’t be able to add any hardware (such as an Interest-free phone) or Add-ons (like data packs) to your account.

Don't worry, you can still make phone calls (Unlimited* or by using Carryover minutes, depending on your plan), send Unlimited* texts and use your NZ Carryover data.

What is Spend Control for Pay Monthly?

Spend Control is a handy tool that keeps an eye on your total spend across minutes, texts and data over and above what’s included in your Pay Monthly Plan. You can read all about setting up Spend Control here.

If I travel overseas with my Pay Monthly phone, what roaming rates will I be charged?

Although you won’t be able to use your Pay Monthly included minutes, data or texts while you’re away, you can keep connected by selecting the Roaming Pack that best suits your travel plans. 

If the country you’re travelling to is not included in our packs, check to see which Casual Roaming rates apply.

Handy tip: If you haven’t already, set up Spend Control to keep tabs on your bill when you're roaming overseas.

What does it cost to call or text internationally on my Pay Monthly plan?

Most of our plans have unlimited calls and texts to Aussie, but if you want to call or text someone anywhere else in the world, these rates apply for calling or texting overseas destinations on a Pay Monthly plan

How can I see how much of my Pay Monthly data allowance I’ve used?

You can see your remaining balances at any time, just login to Your 2degrees, or your trusty 2degrees App.

How can I see my Pay Monthly usage in detail?

You can keep track of your usage, or the usage of the connections on the account you manage, by logging in to Your 2degrees.

In Your 2degrees, click on the Usage tab. To keep a record of your usage history, tap Download CSV. You can also filter by usage type, the time-frame, and the connection.

When will my Pay Monthly plan's included minutes, texts and data be topped up again?

Your Pay Monthly included minutes, texts and data get topped up on your billing date, which is the same date every month. You can find out when your plan’s billing date and renewal is by logging into the app or Your 2degrees.

In the dashboard of the App, you’ll see a little horseshoe icon and just below this you’ll see something like, '26 days until your monthly plan renews'.

In Your 2degrees, look for the Your next bill section. Here you’ll find the billing date and how many days until all your unused minutes and data will carry over on this date.

What are the terms and conditions for my Pay Monthly plan?

Want to review the fine print for your plan, or just fancy a riveting read, here’s the link to the Pay Monthly Terms & Conditions

What happens if I use all my Pay Monthly plan's included minutes or texts, and any Carryover Minutes or Data?

So that you don’t get any nasty shocks when you see your bill at the end of the month, we’ll send you a friendly text to give you a heads up when you’re running low and suggest that it’s a good time to buy an Add-on to get you through the rest of the month or boost your balance.

As soon as all your included minutes or texts are used up, you'll return to our standard calling and texting rates. The standard rates will depend on which plan you’re on.

If you make any calls or texts after you’ve run out run of minutes or texts on your Pay Monthly plan or Add-on, you’ll be charged the applicable standard rates.

Find out more about our Pay Monthly plan standard rates.

Or, if you’re on a Retired Pay Monthly plan you can find your rates here.

You’ll also be charged for any calls or texts that you send to overseas numbers. Find out which rates apply for calling or texting overseas destinations.

When you've used up all available data on your plan, you won't be able to consume any more data until you buy a New Zealand Data Add-on, which start for as little as $10 for 500MB to give you great value data, and don’t forget Data Clock is your friend.

You can see your remaining balances at any time, just login to Your 2degrees.

If you need extra minutes, or you want even better value on calling New Zealand landlines or internationally, simply grab an Add-on.

How do I change my Pay Monthly plan?

There are two easy ways to change plans:

  1. Your 2degrees: Once logged in, go to the Change Plan link on the dashboard or the Your Account page
  2. Mobile App: Tap on Menu, then Your Account, go to Plan Summary then select Change Plan

Also check our Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions.

If the option you’d like is unavailable, give us a call on 0800 022 022 or 200 from your 2degrees phone so we can get you on the right plan.

I love how simple life is with a Pay Monthly account, what else can I do with it?

We’re glad you like it. Did you know that if you have an Android device, you can also pay for your Google Play transactions via your Pay Monthly account? Find out more about Google Play and your Pay Monthly account.

How do I cancel my Pay Monthly mobile plan?

If you're thinking of cancelling your mobile plan, you'll need to give us a call on 200 from your 2degrees mobile, 0800 022 022 from any New Zealand phone, or +64 22 200 2000 from overseas.

If you terminate your existing plan or change to another plan at any time, you will be liable for all charges, including your monthly plan fee, up to your next billing date. For example, if you terminated your plan on 20 June and your billing date was 30 June, you’d be charged your monthly plan fee, and any other charges you incur, up to 30 June.

Have a read of our Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions, and check out this page if you have an interest-free phone with us.

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