Broadband changes: moving house, upgrading your plan and adding your mobile to your plan

I’m an existing broadband customer, how do I upgrade my connection type?

If you’re an existing 2degrees broadband customer on an ADSL or VDSL connection and would like to upgrade to Fibre when it's available in your street, you can do this online through Your 2degrees Broadband.

Simply log in to Your 2degrees Broadband using the account number (you can find this on your bill) and the password you selected when you signed up.

Select Change Plan, select the plan type, confirm your address, and then choose your new connection type – whether it's Fast VDSL or Ultra-Fast Fibre.

How do I add my 2degrees mobile phone to get my broadband plan discount?

If you have a 2degrees Pay Monthly mobile account, you get $10 off your broadband bill each month.

To apply this discount, simply log in to Your 2degrees Broadband and add your 2degrees mobile phone number on the summary page.

We’ll then text a verification code to your mobile phone which you’ll need to enter in Your 2degrees Broadband to activate the discount from the following bill.

Can I move address and take my 2degrees broadband connection with me?

Yes, you can move your 2degrees Broadband to your new address, and we'll connect you to the best connection type available. Depending on the connection type at the new address, this might mean you have a different service type (you may move from VDSL to Fibre or vice-versa).

Please let us know 30 days before your move date so that we can confirm what’s the best available connection we can provide at the new address. Given enough notice, we can reduce downtime and connect you as close to your move-in date as possible.

When you leave a property with Fibre installed, please leave the ONT box and its power cables at that address. We will ensure that your new property has the appropriate equipment provided for your new connection.

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