Help with Wireless Broadband

What is Wireless Broadband?

Wireless Broadband is delivered over our 4G or 5G mobile network instead of via Fibre or the old-fashioned copper cables in the ground. The signal is beamed from the 2degrees mobile towers straight to the modem using 4G or 5G technology. With the special 4G or 5G-enabled modem we provide, you can then share this connection over WiFi with your devices.

This means you should get a no-fuss connection without the need for any complex installations or technician visits.

If you live or work in a rural community, or in a remote part of our beautiful country, you can find help with your Rural Broadband here

Can I get Wireless Broadband?

A simple way to find out is by using our address checker to see if you can get it at your place. However, please note that Wireless Broadband isn't available everywhere.

I've just received Wireless Broadband and it's not working for me

If you've recently received Wireless Broadband, and our network coverage doesn’t work out for your address, just give us a call on 0800 022 011. We’re happy to help you through your options. You can also take it back into the 2degrees store you purchased it from. For added peace of mind, we also have a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

If we move you off Wireless Broadband, we'll send you a courier bag and ask you to send the wireless modem back to us in the courier bag provided. The wireless modem isn't compatible with any other broadband connection.

What happens to my Wireless Broadband if the power goes out?

The wireless modem uses mains power to operate, so if power isn't available (like during a power outage), the broadband service and any other services which run on power won't work. For this reason, we recommend having a fully charged mobile phone with a data plan handy.

Will Wireless Broadband work with monitored medical and security alarms?

If you have a monitored alarm, you should check with your alarm provider if your home set-up is compatible with Wireless Broadband, be it 4G or 5G. You may be able to get an upgrade or reset your system, but it's best to get in touch with your alarm provider so they can advise what may be required and any additional costs before switching to Wireless Broadband.

Does Wireless Broadband come with a phone line?

Our wireless service currently offers data connectivity only, which means you can't add a landline at the moment. We've got you covered with some great mobile plans which could get you $10 off your monthly broadband bill and you could also opt to get a landline on your mobile.

I need more Wireless Broadband data

If you get the data munchies for a month and chew through all your data on our 300GB or 600GB plans, we won't leave you hanging. Of course, when you do hit your data limit, we’ll first have to pump the brakes to make sure you don’t go over. After that, you’ll have the option to buy an additional data pack of 50GB for $35. You can do this directly via Your 2degrees online. The link to log in can be found in your latest bill. If you find yourself going through all your plan data regularly, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade to a Wireless 4G or 5G Unlimited plan (where available).

Wireless Broadband modem troubleshooting

  • If you need help downloading the guide for your Wireless Broadband modem, you can find them at the links below:

Huawei B618

Huawei B535

Huawei B535-933

Nokia 5G FastMile G3

TP Link MX515v

  • If things are not working as they should, please start by visiting our service status page first to make sure there are no known issues in your area. Wireless Broadband is beamed to you over 4G or 5G, so check the ‘Mobile and Wireless Broadband network’ section.
  • If you need help with any additional settings, browse through our modem guides. In these guides, you’ll find tips on a range of topics such as:
    • How to change your WiFi name and password. We recommend doing this after setting up your Rural Broadband modem for the first time.
    • Help with figuring out what the lights on your modem indicate
    • Simple troubleshooting tips if your Rural Broadband modem can’t access the internet

Things you need to know

  • 2degrees Wireless Broadband 4G and 5G coverage is not available everywhere and speeds vary
  • Service only applicable at the service address specified at sign up
  • A $15 modem delivery fee will be added to your first bill and is non-refundable. This fee doesn’t apply if you signed up for Wireless Broadband in-store
  • We bill one month in advance
  • Fair use policy applies
  • Wireless Broadband requires a power supply, so in the event of a power outage, your service won’t work. We recommend always keeping a charged mobile phone with a data plan handy.
  • If you need help, get in touch with our customer care team at 0800 022 011 or visit your nearest 2degrees store
  • Wireless Broadband Terms and Conditions apply
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