Broadband plans

Connect your home with Fibre, Wireless 4G, VDSL or ADSL broadband. We’ll set you up with the best connection in your area, and even throw in Amazon Prime Video for 6 months and NEON for 6 months on select 12-month Unlimited Broadband plans.

Things you'll love

Kiwi call centre

We’re 100% NZ based with teams in Auckland and Christchurch available from 8am - 10pm NZST, 7 days a week.

Backup Broadband

We’ll keep your home connected in an outage with extra data added to your 2degrees mobile phone.

Free standard install

Join on any 12-month plan and your standard install and connection are free.

Bundle and save

Save up to $120 a year if you have your home broadband and mobile Pay Monthly Plan with us.

Or do you need...


Discover discounts on mobile and broadband plans.
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Moving house

Transfer your broadband connection to your new home at no extra cost.

WiFi Extender

Amplify your modem’s signal to improve your WiFi experience.
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