Help with Rural Broadband

Can I get Rural Broadband?

If you live or work in a rural community, or in a remote part of our beautiful country and your area has yet to receive Fibre broadband, Rural Broadband may be your ticket to high speed wireless broadband and mobile calling.

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What is Rural Broadband?

We’re proud to be members of the Rural Connectivity Group (RCG) – a joint venture hooking up rural Kiwis with broadband to connect them with everyday online services. Working closely with government and ‘the other guys’, we’ve helped to install fancy mobile cell towers in rural areas to connect internet and mobile black spots across the country.

By 2022, we’ll help roll out over 400 mobile towers which will significantly boost New Zealand’s broadband and mobile coverage.

Rural Broadband is delivered over fast 4G – beaming internet straight to the barn door. There are no technicians or copper cables and you can be set up in no time.

How does Rural Broadband work?

Rural Broadband is broadband delivered over the 4G mobile network instead of via Fibre or the old-fashioned copper cables in the ground. The signal is beamed from the RCG mobile towers straight to the modem using 4G technology. With the special 4G-enabled modem we provide, you can then share this connection over WiFi with your devices. This means you should get a super-speedy, consistent connection without the need for any complex installations or technician visits.

It’s not all about home broadband

The cell towers dotted around the countryside do more than just provide home broadband. You can get 2degrees 4G mobile data coverage on your phone if you’re in a rural broadband coverage area. So, you can keep Whatsapp-ing and Instagram-ing, even when you’re out in the sticks, and you can stream your favourite podcast from your 4G-capable phone even if you’re on the tractor.

Which mobile phones are compatible with rural 4G or HD Mobile Calling?

Everyone with a 4G or HD Mobile Calling capable mobile phone will get 4G data coverage in rural 4G areas. Check to see if your phone is ready to enjoy High Definition Mobile Calling.

I’ve just received Rural Broadband and it’s not working for me

Let’s face it, living rural can mean there’s going to be the odd occasion where valleys, pine plantations or other scenic features means 4G broadband can’t reach your home. Don’t worry, we’ve got a 30-day money back guarantee for Rural Broadband, so if it just doesn’t work at your place, we’ll cancel it for you and give you a refund. If you’ve rented a modem from us, you’ll just need to return it to us. We’ll talk you through the process when you call.

Will Rural Broadband work with monitored medical and security alarms?

If you have a monitored alarm, you should check with your alarm provider if your home or business set-up is compatible with 4G broadband. You may be able to get an upgrade or reset your system, but it’s best to get in touch with your provider so they can advise what may be required and any additional costs before signing up.

What happens to my Rural Broadband if the power goes out?

The Rural Broadband modem uses mains power to operate, so if power isn’t available (like during a power outage), the broadband service and any other services which run on power won’t work. For this reason, we recommend having a fully charged mobile phone handy.

I’ve run out of Rural Broadband data

If you’ve got the data munchies and chew through your data, we won’t leave you hanging. Any extra data you need will be added to your account for $15 per 20GB to keep things ticking along.

I’ve lost my Rural Broadband modem guide

No worries, you can download the guide for your modem below:

Huawei B618
Huawei B535

Rural Broadband modem troubleshooting

Things not working as they should? We’ve popped some tips below to help you out in a pickle.

Check your service status

Visit our service status page first to make sure there are no known issues in your area.

Rural Broadband is beamed to you over 4G, so check the ‘Mobile network’ section.

MODE Light not turning blue?

There are a few reasons this might be happening.

  • Your modem can’t access the 4G wireless network. If your mobile phone can’t get a signal there, relocate the modem to somewhere that does. If you've got a 2degrees mobile, find the strongest signal location by looking at the signal bars at the top of your handset screen – the more bars, the stronger the signal. The strongest signal will normally be found near a window or open area of the house. Try to place the modem in an open area. Do not place it in a cupboard or close to concrete walls or large metal objects which may weaken the signal.
  • The SIM Card might not be recognised. Check that this has been pushed all the way in by opening the SIM Card slot on the back of the modem and checking the position.

If you’re still having trouble, get in touch with us on 0800 022 202.

Rural Broadband modem can’t access the internet?

Something must be amiss. Check if any of the below options help.

  • Check that the power is on and if it’s not, then turn it on
  • Try restarting the modem. Sometimes a quick reboot is all you need. To do this, unplug the modem from power, or turn it off at the wall for about 30 seconds. This can help reset the system and resolve any connectivity issues. After 30 seconds, plug it back in and wait for the lights to stabilise. This may take a few minutes.
  • Has the MODE light on the modem gone light blue or cyan? If not, you’re not connected. Check the above troubleshooting tip for help with this.
  • If the STATUS light is off, log in to the modem by connecting it to a laptop or computer via a LAN cable and by typing the Login IP number and password found on the bottom of your modem into the web browser. Click on ‘Enable Internet Access’.
  • If you need help attaching the stand to your Huawei B535 modem, here’s a handy visual guide for the Huawei B535 modem stand assembly:
Image showing Huawei B535 modem stand assembly guide

Change your WiFi name or password for Rural Broadband modem

Follow these steps to change your WiFi name and password

  • Connect a device to your modem, either by WiFi or LAN cable
  • Open a web browser and log in to the modem by typing the Login IP number found on the bottom of your modem into the web browser
  • Type in the password located at the bottom of your modem (it should be the same as the WiFi password). If this doesn’t work, try ‘admin’.
  • Click on WiFi Basic Settings at the top menu
  • Here you can change your WiFi name (SSID) and WiFi password 
  • Click Save, and close the web browser

Handy tips:

  • Changing your WiFi name while connected to the WiFi will also disconnect your device. You’ll just need to reconnect using the new WiFi name and password to get back online.
  • If you can’t connect to your WiFi network after changing your WiFi password, please remove or ‘forget’ the WiFi network from the device you’re using and then try connecting again.

Things you need to know

  • 2degrees 4G Rural Broadband coverage is not available everywhere and speeds vary
  • Service only applicable at the address specified at sign up
  • Modem delivery is $15 which is paid upfront and non-refundable
  • We bill one month in advance
  • Fair use policy applies
  • Rural Broadband requires a power supply, so in the event of a power outage, your service won’t work. You should keep a charged mobile phone handy at all times.
  • Rural Broadband Terms and Conditions apply
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