Replacement SIM guide

We know it can be worrying to lose your SIM. This guide will walk you through all the steps needed to perform a SIM Swap. You’ll also learn the safety measures to follow to prevent SIM Swap fraud.

How to replace your SIM card


Grab a valid photo ID

We require two valid IDs to access your account information, one must be a valid photo ID. No exceptions. Acceptable valid photo ID include:

  • New Zealand Drivers Licence
  • New Zealand/Australian Passport
  • New Zealand 18+ Card
  • Kiwi Access Card
  • New Zealand Firearms Licence
  • New Zealand Military ID
  • International Passport
Grab a valid photo ID

Visit any 2degrees store

The easiest way to request a new SIM (if yours is lost or stolen) is to walk into your nearest 2degrees store. If the nearest store is more than 50kms away, you can call us to start the process.

Visit any 2degrees store

Know your account PIN

Our staff will ask you to confirm your account PIN before processing your SIM Swap. If you can’t remember your PIN, please read our guide on resetting your PIN.

Know your account PIN
Protect your 
SIM from fraud


Share identity info carefully

If you know a service provider (like us) confirms your identity via basic personal information like your date of birth or address, make sure it’s hard to find online.

Share identity info carefully

Pick a unique password

When you set up an account with us, pick a unique password that can’t be found anywhere else online. Save this password offline where it can’t be easily accessed.

Pick a unique password

Choose a unique 4-digit PIN

Where possible choose a PIN number that is unique. Make sure it doesn’t include birthdays, anniversaries, or your home address number, and save this number offline as well.

Choose a unique 4-digit PIN

SIM Swap FAQs 

How will I know if I’m affected?

If your phone suddenly loses all connectivity, if you receive un-prompted password reset notifications, or if you’re suddenly locked out of your online services, you might be affected.

I think I’m affected. What do I do?

  • Report it to us either in-store or by calling us on 0800 222 222 and check if your mobile phone number has been transferred to another SIM.
  • Reset passwords for your important online accounts. Online bank and email should be a priority.
  • Report it to CERT NZ. We can help with advice to secure yourself. With your permission we can also work with the NZ Police.


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Get added tips on being Cyber Smart

CERT NZ is designed to help Kiwis across New Zealand to improve their cyber security. To learn even more about how you can stay safe online, visit CERT NZ’s helpful website.

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