Help with your 2degrees modem

A modem allows a computer or other device to connect to the internet. It converts analog signals from a telephone wire or light signals from Fibre cables to digital data that a computer can recognise, and vice-versa. Whether you’re on Fibre, ADSL, VDSL or Wireless broadband, you’ll need to use one of these magic boxes to connect to the internet.

What’s the low down with modem rental?

Renting a modem takes the hassle out of getting your 2degrees broadband connected. When you join 2degrees on a contract, we’ll send you a rental modem to use while you’re with us. The modem comes at a modest $5/month rental fee (plus a one-time $15 delivery charge), you’ll just need to return it to us when you leave or a fee may apply (up to $299 for a Fritzbox modem, or up to $299 for the Rural 4G Wireless modem). The modem remains property of 2degrees, but is yours to use for the duration of the time you’re with us. Our modems are setup and ready to go, you just need to plug it in using the instructions found in the box.

How do I set up my 2degrees modem?

It's easy to set up your 2degrees modem, just follow the instructions included in the modem box we’ve sent you. If you need more help, you can browse through our handy quickstart modem guides

If you’ve opted to use your own modem, you’ll need to spend a few minutes setting up your BYO modem settings to connect to 2degrees services.

How do I connect my device to my 2degrees modem?

Your modem creates a home WiFi network you can use to connect your laptop, phone or tablet to the internet. To connect your device to your WiFi network you’ll need the WiFi password or Network Key which is provided underneath your modem. You can also plug your computer directly into your modem using an ethernet cable. Find out more about connecting to WiFi.

How do I return my rental modem?

If you’ve decided to leave 2degrees broadband, we’re very sorry to see you go. Be sure to contact us and we’ll send you a prepaid courier bag so you can return your modem safe and sound for free. If you don’t return the modem, you’ll be charged for the cost of the modem.

Please be aware that early termination charges may apply if you’re leaving us within contract.

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