Understanding your Corporate Broadband bill

Corporate Broadband billing cycle

The invoice is issued 25 days before the payment is due. This date is based on the number of days in each month, so may change month to month.

Recurring charges are charged one month in advance. Usage charges are charged in arrears following the end of the usage period.

For partial periods, such as a new site installed in the middle of a billing period, we bill from connection date to the beginning of next full billing period and then bill monthly, as normal.

Payment options for Corporate Broadband

There are a number of ways you can pay your bill. You can set up an automatic payment with either a credit card, debit card or Direct Debit Authority when you sign up. This payment method will be charged each month, on your billing due date.

You can also log into Your 2degrees and choose to make a manual payment with a valid credit or debit card. Cards that can be used include Visa, Mastercard and American Express. There is a 1.75% card payment fee that applies to credit card and debit card transactions.

You can also make a manual payment via Internet banking; your bill will explain what is required to do this.

How to read your Corporate Broadband bill

We try to make our bills super easy to read, but, if you’re having trouble, here's a quick explanation on how to understand your Corporate Broadband bill.

Please call us on 0800 022 249 for any queries regarding your bill.

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