Understand your Farm Source statement

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Why am I receiving a statement instead of a bill from 2degrees?

As part of the sign-up process, you’ve opted to pay for your 2degrees services through your Farm Source account. This means your 2degrees business mobile and business broadband charges will make up part of your Farm Source bill each month.

If you were an existing 2degrees customer, any outstanding 2degrees charges incurred during your previous billing period may be included in your first Farm Source bill.

How do I pay for 2degrees business mobile and business broadband?

Your 2degrees business mobile and business broadband charges will be added to your Farm Source bill. All you have to do is continue to pay your Farm Source bill each month as you normally would.

What’s included in my 2degrees statement?

Your 2degrees statement (issued monthly) will provide a breakdown of your 2degrees services, your detailed usage, and your charges. If you have both business mobile and business broadband with us, you will be issued two separate statements each month.

Understanding your first business mobile statement

You'll get your first statement within a month of joining us. It'll look a little different to future statements and will be pro-rated. This means it'll only cover the part of the month you've been signed up for, so you'll only be charged for a portion of your included plan minutes and texts.

If you have an interest-free phone as part of the plan, you'll be charged the first full repayment on your first statement.

The next billing period will start as soon as you receive your first statement. From that point, you will get your full quota of minutes, texts, and data, which you’ll be charged for in your second bill.

Understanding your first business broadband statement

Your very first broadband statement will be issued on the date you connect to 2degrees Business Broadband. Because we charge in advance, this is to cover your first month of plan charges.

We’ll generate your first statement at sign-up and email it to you (you can also find it on the Your 2degrees dashboard).

Your first statement will include a deposit of the first month's plan fee, connection fee (if applicable), and any one-off charges such as if you’ve rented a modem from us (modem rental and delivery fees will be applied), or any 2degrees phones you’ve purchased.

Your second statement will include your normal plan fee, and any pro-rated charges from your connection date to the end of the previous month. It will also show a reversal of the deposit of one month's plan fee.

Reading your 2degrees Farm Source statement

We’ve tried to make our statement super simple, but if you need some help, here’s a short guide explaining how to read your business mobile statement.

If you’ve got business broadband services, here’s the guide explaining how to read your business broadband statement.

What are the eligible plans & products available with Farm Source?

You can purchase any 2degrees business product or service through your Farm Source account, depending on your location. To see our latest promotions for Farm Source members, please go to our Farm Source offer page.

How do I switch from paying 2degrees directly to paying with my Farm Source account?

Contact us on 0800 022 FARM (3276) so we can help you move across.

Contact us on 0800 022 249 or email us with your name and account number at business@2degrees.nz. You can also enter your details on our Contact Us form.

I’m moving soon. How do I take my mobile & broadband services with me?

We’ll take the hassle out of moving farms and make sure you’ve got the right plan for you. Give us a call on 0800 022 FARM (3276) and we’ll help you get underway.

How do I access my statements online?

Register to ‘Your 2degrees’ online and you can view your details using our portal. For access to your account details on the go, you can also download the 2degrees mobile app.

I want to get fibre installed to my farm, how much will this cost?

You can learn all about the costs involved in getting fibre set up on our fibre help page.

What if I have a question about the network coverage in my area?

You can log your complaint by calling us on 0800 022 249 or by using our Contact Us form. You can use our website’s coverage map and track planned and unplanned outages.

Need more help? Have questions?

If you still have questions about your statement, call our Business Customer Care Team on 0800 022 249 and they will help you out. Remember only the Account Holder will have authority to access details about the statement. For Farm Source queries, please contact Farm Source’s Service Centre on 0800 731 266.