Roaming help for Business customers

I’ve got an overseas work trip coming up and want to use Roaming services, what do I need to do before I leave?

Before travelling, ensure that your Data Roaming settings are turned on. Read below for instructions on how to use Business Roaming on your phone or tablet.

There are over 100 destinations included in our $8 Daily Business Roaming, and if you’re travelling to Aussie, you can roam for no extra cost with our $0 Daily Business Roaming service.

If you’re travelling outside the Daily Business Roaming destinations, you’ll probably be covered by our data Add-on destinations. You can get an idea of roaming options for each destination by searching the destinations on your itinerary here.

If you want to take your phone overseas but want to avoid all roaming charges, you can turn off Data Roaming while you're away. You will only be able to connect to the internet and check emails if you use WiFi. Switch it back on when you return to New Zealand to ensure you get the best possible coverage. Find out how to manage data while you’re roaming.

How does Business Roaming work when I'm overseas?

If you have a phone connected to a 2degrees Business plan and enable data roaming in an international destination, we’ll send you a welcome text letting you know whether you can use roaming services in your destination.

Search for your destination here

  1. When you arrive in your overseas destination and turn off flight mode on your phone and connect to a cellular network, you’ll receive a welcome text from us that will indicate whether you can access 2degrees roaming services.*
  2. For most destinations, you don’t need to do anything else, but for destinations where you need to purchase a data Add-on, follow the instructions in the welcome text to enable data roaming. If you do not purchase a data Add-on, you will still be able to call and text for a great rate, but you will not be able to use mobile data in that destination.
  3. Start roaming!

*  Business customers using iPads or tablets will not receive a welcome text. In Daily Business Roaming destinations, roaming services will be activated upon turning off flight mode on your device. In Business Roaming Add-on destinations, you will need to insert the device’s SIM card into a mobile phone and text Y to 237 to purchase the data Add-on.

If the above doesn’t work for you, you can call our 2degrees Care team on +6422 200 2000 while overseas. Note that Roaming Rates apply from the destination you're calling from; you can get roaming rates here.

Please note that unless otherwise stated, data charges apply when using our website from your device while roaming overseas.

Will my work phone work overseas?

If you're travelling overseas for business with your 3G or 4G capable phone and you have Data Roaming turned on, you shouldn’t have any problem accessing all the services you need. If you’re headed to the USA or Canada, you need to make sure the mobile you take supports the American or Canadian network frequencies. North American mobile networks run on 850MHz and 1900MHz, so check with your phone’s manufacturer details whether your phone will run on one of these before you hop on the plane.

Which networks provide roaming services to 2degrees in the US?

If you have a VoLTE roaming-compatible device and are travelling to a VoLTE roaming-enabled destination, you can use 4G to make and receive calls. Read more here about using VoLTE roaming.

Most mobile providers in the USA have retired their 2G and 3G networks which may impact you if you’re using an older mobile device while overseas. With the launch of VoLTE Roaming, 2degrees will automatically connect you to a local network operator (AT&T) to aim to provide the best connection experience.

I’m having trouble connecting to an overseas roaming network, what can I do?

If you’re experiencing issues connecting to a roaming network, make sure your phone’s Network Search mode is on Auto which is found under Settings and then Network on your phone (or Carrier on iPhones). If this doesn’t fix the issue, then power off your phone for one minute then restart.

When you roam overseas, you use networks that aren’t controlled by 2degrees. While we expect those networks to provide a quality service, we can’t be responsible if there are performance or other issues.

What happens to Voicemail when I’m roaming for business?

When we detect your mobile is in use overseas, we automatically turn Voicemail off because there are additional charges to you when receiving calls while you’re overseas as well as international roaming charges applied when you check your messages. Read more about using Voicemail while roaming here.

Am I charged for incoming calls while roaming?

If you’re not in a Daily Business Roaming destination, a $1.15 per minute charge will be incurred when someone calls you. No additional charges apply for incoming calls if you’re in a Daily Business Roaming destination, although it will trigger the daily charge (if applicable).

What happens if I exceed the included allowance of my Business plan while overseas? 

If you run out of your New Zealand Business plan minutes, texts or data in a Daily Business Roaming destination and you continue to use these services, you’ll be charged the New Zealand business standard rates for calls and texts relating to the destination you’re calling or texting. If you run out of data, we suggest you consider purchasing a New Zealand Add-on to get the best value for money.

How much does it cost to use WiFi Calling while I’m roaming for business?

There are no additional plan charges for using the WiFi Calling service, and calls you receive when connected to WiFi Calling are free.

If you’re in a Daily Business Roaming destination, calls back to New Zealand or Aussie or within the destination you’re visiting will use the minutes in your mobile plan.

If you’re not using Daily Business Roaming, or you’re in a destination other than a Daily Business Roaming destination, then calls within the destination you’re visiting, or calls to a destination that isn't New Zealand or Aussie, will be charged at the New Zealand international call rates applicable to your plan.

How can I keep costs down when I'm roaming on a work trip?

If you’re in a Daily Business Roaming destination, you can use your plan allocations as though you’re in New Zealand. Please note that international calling will incur additional charges at our international calling rates.

If you run out of your allocations, you can purchase a New Zealand data or talk pack to continue roaming.

If you’re in a $57 Business Roaming Add-on Destination and have a 500MB roaming pack, use our tips below to manage your purchased data. Calls and texts in these destinations are at standard rates so we strongly recommend setting up a Spend Control after you’ve purchased the pack.

Set up – or ask your business plan account holder to set up – a Spend Control limit. When you’re within $10 of this limit, we’ll send you a notification text so you can decide if you want to increase your limit for the month.

General tips for keeping costs down while roaming

  • Make sure you know how to manage your data effectively and understand how much data you can use in online activities such as sending emails, browsing social media and streaming music; this is where most of your roaming costs may come from.
  • Make use of free public WiFi where available.
  • When WiFi is available, use WiFi Calling.
  • Download maps and online documents before you travel so you don't have to use data to access them when you arrive.
  • If it’s cheaper to make a call from your destination than to receive a call, let your friends, family and colleagues know they can send you a message and you will call them back whenever possible.
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