Manage your Prepay balance & payments

How do I top up my Prepay plan?

The easiest way to top up is by using the 2degrees App, but you can also top up right now online, buy a voucher and top up by text, top up by phone, set up an Auto Top Up or top up someone else’s account. 

The minimum top up amount is $10. When you top up, your Prepay credit is valid for 365 days from that date. Please note that Top Ups made by credit card are not charged a Credit Card Payment Fee.

Find which Top Up method suits you best.

I’m low on credit, but need to use my phone right now

Don't worry, you’ve got this. We’ll lend you up to $5 credit to buy an IOU pack.

Find out more about our IOU Packs

Can I send Prepay credit to a friend?

Yes, you certainly can. Our Me2U service makes it easy for you to help a friend or family member in need of credit.

Find out more about Me2U

What is Auto Top Up?

Automatically top up your account so you never run out of credit on your Prepay plan. Make your life that little bit easier and set up Auto Top Up today. 

What is Autopay?

Autopay is a handy way to take care of your monthly Prepay plans and Add-ons by charging them directly to the credit or debit card of your choice, instead of relying on you topping up your phone balance. Check out how to do this with Autopay.

How can I check my Prepay balance?

The easiest way to keep on top of your data, texts and calls is to download the 2degrees App (available on the App Store or Google Play). We’ve built some snazzy usage graphs to make it easy to keep track of your mobile.

You can also text ‘bal’ to 233 to receive your credit balance, as well as any minutes, text and data balances.

Or, call 200 from your mobile and follow the instructions to receive the relevant account information.

Will you let me know when I'm low on Prepay credit or Add-on balances?

No one likes to be caught out with low funds, so we’ll send you a notification text when your Prepay balance drops below $2.

We'll also try to let you know when your Add-on contents are running low, for example, if you have less than 20MB of data left for your data pack.

How does automatic renewal work for my Prepay plan or Add-on?

Auto-renew works slightly differently for Prepay plans and Add-ons.

For Prepay Monthly and 14-day plans, upon first purchase, you’ll be subscribed to that plan and it will be set to auto-renew at the end of that plan (one month for Monthly plans and 14 days for 14-day plans). If it fails to renew it will go on hold for three months and will auto-renew when you top up the necessary credit amount.

You can stop the plan from auto-renewing in the 2degrees App or by texting STOP and Pack or Add-on code to 233. 

If you purchase a different Prepay plan, the subscription will move to the new plan, which will automatically renew when the new plan ends.

Retired plans and Add-ons (like the Carryover Combo and the Carryover Packs that could be added to a plan) are also set to renew at the end of the plan/Add-on. If they fail to renew, they’ll go on hold for 14 days and will auto-renew when you top up the necessary credit amount. These can be stopped in the same way as the current plans.

Like plans, you can only be subscribed to one Data Add-on at any time, so if you purchase a Data Add-on before your current Data Add-on renews, your subscription will now be set to auto-renew when the new Add-on ends.

Some of our Add-ons may also auto-renew when you are almost out of the entitlements available under the pack. For example, if you have our 1GB NZ Data Pack it will auto-renew when you have 30MB or less data available.

You can use Autopay to renew your plan/Add-on. Autopay will automatically charge your credit/debit card the cost.

You can stop your Add-on from auto-renewing any time before it's auto-renewal date by texting STOP and your Pack code to 233.

How do I keep my unused Carryover data and minutes?

To keep your Carryover data and minutes, you need to have an active Prepay plan. This doesn’t mean you need to take your phone on a daily jog around the block, it simply means that your plan has enough credit when it's time to renew.

If your Prepay Monthly or 14-day plan tries to renew but you don't have enough credit, it will go on hold for three months and will only auto-renew when you top up the necessary credit amount. After three months, if your plan doesn’t have enough credit to renew, your plan will be considered inactive and you’ll lose your accrued Carryover minutes and data.

If you have one of our retired Carryover Combo or Carryover Packs, and your pack fails to auto renew because you don't have enough credit, it will go on hold for 14 days. If you top up during this time, your Carryover Combo or Pack will reactivate, but if you don't then you’ll lose all of your accrued Carryover Minutes and Carryover Data.

If you move from your current 2degrees Prepay plan to one of our higher or lower cost Prepay plans, your carryover data will move with you.

Find out more about managing your data here.

Why do I have a negative Prepay credit balance?

You may have a negative Prepay balance if you’ve purchased a Prepay IOU Pack or opted-in to our Pack Assist service when you were low in credit. This loan will be repaid on your next Top Up. For example, if you balance is -$3 and you then top up $20, you’ll pay us back the $3 loan and your new credit balance will be $17.

If there’s another issue with your Prepay credit balance, please call our Customer Care Team on 0800 022 022 or 200 from your mobile.

Where can I see my Prepay Top Ups and what I spent them on in the 2degrees App?

It’s easy to keep an eye on what you’ve spent on your Prepay account with our 2degrees App. Simply sign in and select Balance from the dashboard. Here you’ll be able to see your transactions right back to the last 90 days. Tap a transaction to get an even more detailed view.

How do I request a Prepay tax invoice?

A Prepay tax invoice (for reclaiming GST) shows a summary of your usage charges over a chosen month.

You can request this in Your 2degrees by heading to the Account page and selecting Request Tax Invoice.

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