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Highlanders Rugby

In 2017, the Highlander's management team switched their mobile and broadband service to 2degrees and as the Highlanders General Manager: Marketing and Commercial, Amelia Kininmonth explains, the partnership is already proving a winning combination.

As a high performance team consistently up the top of the Investec Super Rugby competition, the Pulse Energy Highlanders demand an equally high-performing communications and technology partner to support it.

"Our management team is continually looking at new ways to use technology to shape our growing business - both on and off the field. We switched to 2degrees as we love how agile and innovative it is and it's now playing a key role in helping us achieve our business objectives," she says.

"We have been very impressed with 2degrees as a full service telecommunications provider – it's highly responsive when things change in our business and the team works alongside us in a partnership role to deliver a whole new level of service to us."

With video and digital communications an imperative part of how the franchise analyses and develops the team, Kininmonth says broadband is fundamental to its business.

"Fast, reliable broadband is a key part of our operations. We need to be able to upload and download high resolution video and media files quickly, before and after our games. We also need to be able to share it with multiple users in a range of locations at once and it also needs to be available in the Cloud and on hard drive so our team can access it anytime," she says.

"2degrees' broadband has been superb at enabling us with the right communications tools to ensure our team can access vital data and business information."

Kininmonth says with the team on the road for up to 12 weeks a year, good quality mobile is also fundamental to the Highlanders' operations.

"Many of our support and management team regularly travel around the country and internationally during the season with our players. We need to stay connected at all times and be able to carry out our business activity whenever we need to."

2degrees' coverage has been absolutely superb. We get great coverage and excellent data speeds, wherever we are. This is particularly important for our CEO, coaching and medical staff who often need to make contact back home when things happen, while on the road."

Kininmonth says the Highlander's decision to try something new and innovative has paid off.

"Like anything, change can be a bit scary but the switch to 2degrees was seamless and extremely professional. We often have unique requirements, due to the nature of our business and 2degrees always helps make things happen for us. Their support and access to a range of smart people within the 2degrees business team has been invaluable."


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