“2degrees is a much-valued partner. They enable us to create trust and confidence with our customers, enhance our business performance, and drive efficiencies. 2degrees offers a Machine to Machine (M2M) solution to Bupa – which is incorporated in the Bupa personal alarm service.”

Margaret Owens,
Director of Independent Living for Bupa Medical Alarms, Bupa

Bupa’s purpose is to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives. They do this by providing care homes, retirement villages, medical alarms, rehabilitation and dental care. To do this well means working with partners who help them go far beyond where they currently are. Margaret Owens, Director of Independent Living for Bupa Medical Alarms says.

How it works

Bupa clients wear an alarm pendant and have access to a stationary base unit. When activated, the unit immediately dials out and contacts the Bupa response centre. The Bupa team then speak to the client to see what assistance they require, using details held in a secure database. Bupa sends help if needed and stays in contact to check progress. Bupa works closely with both the alarm manufacturer and 2degrees to be able to remotely update the alarm software as required. 

2degrees' M2M are a fantastic team. One of the crucial ways they help us is troubleshooting and looking into the SIM card background logs to identify if we have a network issue or equipment issue – enabling the right response at the right time,” says Vanessa Wright, Operations Team Leader for Bupa Medical Alarms.

2degrees M2M implementation 

Bupa was running 2degrees Prepay SIM cards in their alarms prior to establishing a service contract. This meant that they could use existing SIMs and were only required to change from a public Access Point Name (APN) to a private M2M APN. 

When updating our alarms to the new APN, 2degrees gave us the ability to operate on both APNs until the medical alarm was confirmed to be using the new APN. The Wholesale Operations Analyst was truly hands on, providing confirmation as each alarm correctly reported on the private APN.”

Bupa is able to monitor their use of data across the 2degrees network through a user-friendly portal. In addition to the fantastic customer service they receive from the 2degrees account team, they are able to drill down any time into any information they require e.g. a particular alarm or client’s usage. 

The portal gives us real-time information when and where we need it – it’s just part of the open and upfront way we are able to work with 2degrees,” says Vanessa.

Value for money solutions

When the Bupa team went to the market with what they wanted to achieve, the costs were comparable across communication providers. However 2degrees’ flexibility and their client centric approach put them out in front. 

2degrees data is measured in small increments compared to some which had a minimum usage per day. In addition to emergency calls out, our medical alarms use very small amounts of data to silently communicate their status regularly. Being charged for just what is used requires a smaller data package which in turn keeps our SIM costs down.” says Vanessa.

Where to next?

Going forward we hope to offer other new solutions including wearable options, utilising cellular technologies,” says Vanessa.