Future-Proofing Clutha District Council

Future Proofing Cluthat District Council 


Based in Balclutha, the Clutha District Council services their scenic South Otago region and its population of approximately 17,000 residents with a focus on future-proofing the district for growth.

In 2016 the Clutha District Council’s IT infrastructure needed future proofing too - it hadn’t been at the top of the agenda for some time. With new stakeholders coming onboard, including ICT Manager Schalk Breytenbach, there was a desire to move the local government agency into the digital age. This meant starting with the basics to build a viable platform that could take them on a digital transformation journey.

 Schalk explains how from the outset of the discovery process 2degrees stood out from the crowd.

2degrees business solutions

“The level of engagement was so much higher than what we received from the competitors. They understood the journey we needed to go on and provided the thought leadership and forward thinking to guide us in the right direction.”

Since engaging with 2degrees Clutha District Council has built a completely new platform implementing WAN, Mobile, Managed Network and most recently, Managed Voice.

How was it before switching to 2degrees?

 “2degrees have made it easier for us to do business. Our people were stuck in the dark ages with an outdated paper-based system. Because the new technology has been implemented so seamlessly our people have embraced the tools and platform we have delivered on a day to day basis – moving towards being a true digital workforce.”

 This gives us the capability to focus on improving our services and delivering more to the community.”

What Clutha District Council love about 2degrees?

 Schalk says 2degrees has continued to impress beyond the sales and transition process. “The difference with 2degrees is the personal investment. There are always going to be challenges but it’s how they are dealt with that makes the difference. Each time we have an issue 2degrees comes to the party. Recently we lost our entire system during a civil defence exercise - it was 10pm at night and with a simple phone call we had the network back up and running within half an hour.”

Now Clutha District Council has the backbone up and running the future is their oyster. “We have come from really far behind and caught up with everyone else.

“2degrees has worked with us to build a personal trust relationship to carry our vision forward. We now have a flexible, scalable, dependable platform to pursue new technology and take us into the future.”