Trade Ups are no longer available

Sorry folks, we’ve said goodbye to Trade Up. It’s no longer available for new customers.

If you’re an existing Trade Up customer, don’t worry, we won’t pull the rug out from under you. You can still Trade Up when your time comes, you just won’t be able to add it again in the future.

If you purchased a Trade Up phone on or before 31st January 2020, we'll let you know once 12 or 18 months are up and you're eligible to Trade Up your current phone to get a new smartphone on a new interest-free option.

Once you hear from us, either via email or SMS, here's three easy steps on what to do next.

1. Make sure your current phone meets these criteria

At time of Trade Up the phone you bring in needs to be the same make, model and have the same storage capacity as the phone you bought when signing up to Trade Up.

If you’ve lost or damaged your original phone, either get a new phone identical to the one you signed up with, or get the original phone repaired so it meets the Trade Up criteria.

Your current phone should be in good working condition like when you first bought it. ‘Good working order’ means that your existing phone:

  • powers on and off
  • has no physical damage except normal wear and tear (no cracks on the screen or casing, the phone has no liquid damage, there is no damage to any USB or power connector and the SIM reader is not faulty)
  • works normally and is fit for purpose (can make and receive calls and connect to the internet)
  • is accompanied by the phone battery
  • has all locking features disabled (for example phone passwords or iCloud locking codes)
  • is not blocked or blacklisted by any New Zealand mobile network.

2. Back it up

Don't worry about losing all your phone contacts and photos. Backing up your phone will keep all that good stuff. Read these docs to see how to back up an iPhone, Samsung or Huawei. Need help? Ask in store.

3. Head in store

Come into your nearest 2degrees store, we'll help you choose your new phone and set you up with your interest-free mobile repayment option 12, 24 or 36 months).

Can I cancel my Trade Up?

You can cancel Trade Up by calling Customer Care on 0800 022 022. Please note that if you do cancel your Trade Up, we won't refund any previous Trade Up payments that you have made.

What are the Trade Up Terms and Conditions?

You can find the Trade Up Terms and Conditions here.

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